The Weekly LOLs #29

To the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic — everybody SING! And that’s an order, soldier!

Check out the video and “lyrics” —> Political activism in the school.

The school district this comes from was only bothered by the fact that the video was “unauthorized”. So, the societal child exploitation and manipulation, i.e. indoctrination, is OK.


~~Welfare Dollars~~ “Milk it, baby. It’s free money.” Oh wait, sorry, that was another issue.

  • During the entire administration of George W. Bush, the Iraq war cost a total of $622 billion
  • Obama’s welfare spending will reach $888 billion in a single fiscal year–2010
  • …high levels of poverty are reflected by the U.S. Census Bureau because the bureau counts only 4 percent of the total welfare spending as income when it calculates poverty
  • Why can’t working Americans only count 4% of their income as income?


    Ready for another bailout? No? Well tough, nobody asked you anyway. “Newspaper Revitalization Act of 2009” brought to you by Rep. Carolyn Maloney, D-NY in the House (H.R. 3602) and Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-MD (S.673). Does this mean we’ll have to call it the State Run Media for real now?

    Under this Act, newspapers will be eligible for 501(c)(3) status = tax exempt. Thus giving the IRS power over the media. Hmmm….sounds a little like the IRS ‘power’ over America’s churches….whom may not speak of politics from her pulpits….you know that “constitutional separation of church and state” thing. Yeah right, I can see the double standard from a gazillion miles away.
    A little American history — Colonial Americans taught their children to read with the ole King James Bible. Yes, 2nd graders could read what is now considered 12th grade reading, but that’s beside the point. Why did Colonial Americans want their children to know their Bible? Soooo, they could judge their government….judge, yes, I said “JUDGE” them against what God said is right and wrong. Oh! The Audacity of those radical right-wing colonists to actually hold their elected leaders to the standard of Higher Law. Wonder what they’d say about our version of “separation of church and state” or the standards (coughcoughgaggag) of our elected leaders. For that matter, I wonder what they’d say about the NIV.


    “Journalistic integrity, you know, fact-based reporting, serious investigative reporting, how to retain those ethics in all these different new media and how to make sure that it’s paid for, is really a challenge,” Obama told the reporters. “But it’s something that I think is absolutely critical to the health of our democracy.”

    Not even Tom Brokaw can make this stuff up!


    Dear Reader, I ask you…..what is wrong with America’s leaders these days? Be kind to your facial features and support your jaw while watching this.

    1213 Days

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    1. She is the mayor of where?

    2. Chrystal says:

      This school video sickens me. I have seen it twice now and I just cant watch it anymore. I bet my sociology professor thinks this is A-OK!
      And as for the mayor….well what is there to say? May God bless you!

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