The Weekly LOLs #27 – “You lie” “No, you lie”

What a week!  ACORN has had it….thanks to some rather brilliant investigative journalism.  Oh, if it had been the NRA or Focus on the Family, the asleep-at-the-wheel msm would be screaming the news from their reddened indignant faces.  If you haven’t heard about the big ACORN stink, then welcome back from your Bahamian holiday!

The Baltimore video. If you can only watch one…watch this one.

The DC video.

Oh and ACORN is calling this journalism “racist”. Maybe they didn’t like the fact that the alleged child prostitutes were El Salvadoran?

A brand new website that you should know about.  —> BigGovernment.

Glenn Beck’s outstanding take on the issue. Yes! Shame on them!!

Meet Michelle Bachmann. She absolutely ROCKS!

Meet Joe Wilson. He’s the very naughty little boy that dared call out the President.  Watch the excitement unfold… scroll to about 1:10 if you can’t stomach that much Obarfa.

Obama’s and the useful idiots’ ‘how dare anyone react to “the one” in this manner’ reactions are priceless. I didn’t even know Queen Botox could open her mouth that far.

And just for the sport of it…..let’s go back a few years to this “boo-ing session”.

Didn’t miss a beat, did he?!

Oh, btw, Mr. Wilson’s outburst is racist according to some folk. Unless calling someone a liar constitutes racism….whatever.

I just can’t take anymore this week….
1226 Days and counting

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