September 11, 2001 — America Remembers, sort of

In high schools across America teachers say they’ve gone from assigning students writing essays about the events of 9/11 to teaching the facts about 9/11, even saying it’s like teaching about the Civil War. Not that I really expect a student who was maybe 8 years old to remember what they were doing that day, but I’d say it obviously isn’t being remembered, let alone honored, in our American homes.

Remember when Congress members stood on their steps and sang and pledged. That sickened me actually because I know their hypocrisy. Now look at them. Their cult of personality, undermining the fibers of truth that the Founding Fathers carefully wove into our foundation, by their insane desire to “fundamentally transform America”. Pelosi spouts off that the country doesn’t support any more troops to Afghanistan. Hello Botox Lady! Afghanistan = Al Qaida! Get it?! Al Qaida = 3000 Dead Americans on September 11, 2001. Remember it?!
Now we’ve got union thugs showing pictures of CIA agents to terrorists, asking them, “did this really bad man hurt you?” Sickens my soul!!!

Well, outside the Beltway and slightly off Main Street, WE REMEMBER! We remember the horror as we watched. And we remember exactly what we were doing when we found out. We remember the sheer heroism of the rescuers. And we remember the fright of people on the streets of NYC that day. YOU WERE NOT ALONE then and YOU ARE NOT ALONE now. Some of us still pray for you and even, *gasp* teach our children about you. We REMEMBER that America was attacked by terrorists that day…and it was horrendous.

Terrorists, sympathizers, and government lunatics, we remember you, too.

And to the Lunatic in Command….we will remember that you did not. Instead choosing to make today a platform for your domestic policy. SICKENS! We will not plant a tree along a city street and call it happy government service day.

Read the Wiki
google it
check out a good nonfiction book….
but remember.

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