The Weekly LOLs #25

I am so thoroughly disgusted with American leadership.  The Republican Party had the power and they squandered it with immorality and fiscal irresponsibility;  failing miserably to right the direction of the liberal path of increased taxation, nonsensical spending, devaluation of human life, and  international cowardice.   We are no better off today because of the self-preserving mechanism of ‘personal political career above service to country at all costs’ that is apparently innate to today’s  politicians.  It matters not what level of government they serve, from the city council member to the POTUS….with rare exception, corrupt and self-serving to the core.

Hypocrites screaming transparency

What they really mean is ‘for me to know and you not to know because frankly, I’m just that much better than you are’. I’ve had it up to here with the phrase, “it’s all on the table, everything is on the table”. Who’s table? The King’s Table? The Executioner’s Table? And WHAT exactly is on the table? The very moral, ethical, and yes, biblical, foundations that this republic was built upon and has stood upon for the last 200 years…give or take. THAT is what’s on the table. Remember BHO’s ‘in 5 days, we are going to fundamentally change America’ speech? I do….and 60-some million people didn’t get it, when he said “fundamentally change”.
Once upon a time, America was a republic. Now she is on the slippery and transitional slope of democracy. I WANT MY REPUBLIC BACK!!!! And I can’t be any more TRANSPARENT than that!
Where does a democracy go? If a democracy goes down hill…it’s mob rule. Eventually the mob gets smaller and smaller until you have an elite ruling class along the lines of China, Cuba, and the various despotic countries scattered around our globe. IF a democracy can look at itself with a critical and honest eye, it can put the brakes on machine politics and a runaway judicial system and restore itself. AMERICANS CAN DO THIS! But will we? I don’t know.

Puppet shows…

aka town hall meetings where delegates and hired community organizers brought in by the busload to pose as ‘a normal American’ supporting their elected savior’s plan of health care redemption. If you support government health care then you’re a righteous citizen standing up for the goodness of humanity. If you do not support government health care then you are a screaming banshee that should be put in the pound with the rest of the rabid right wing dogs on the streets.

Communists in the White House

This is an abomination and I cannot urge you enough to watch Glenn Beck on FOX or via internet clips this week. If it looks like a duck, swims with other ducks, and talks duck….it’s a duhduhduh duck!

Endless name calling, personal attacks, and radical methodologies of “progressive” citizens and government leaders who don’t have clarity or facts to actually have a discussion, so they rely on “tactics”. They don’t even understand their own ideas enough to explain them. Actually, it’s generally not their ideas, it is the same old failed ideas and projects of social engineering, social justice and manipulation trumped up to make it sound like they invented them. Worse than a migraine of nightmarish proportions.

A last word of caution to parents of public school children: Sept 8th… B.Hussein has special audience with your children. That is one week after he hosted a Ramadan dinner at the WH and it is one day before he gives a speech to Congress on his health care plans. Do you want your children sandwiched between that garbage? I would think not… DO SOMETHING. If nothing else, declare it your “annual take my child out to lunch day”. Predators don’t attack the healthy Mommies and Daddies…they feed on the young.


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  1. Elaine says:

    Very well put.
    I have learned that in Anchorage the school dist. has decided to not only allow parents the right to keep their children from seeing this ….. trash (my words not theirs) but teachers can also decide if they want their students watching it.

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