The Weekly LOLs #20

Fired IG files lawsuit to get his job back. Go Mr. Walpin! Go! The man is 70 years old and still has some fight! Twenty-somethings, take note…..this is how you keep your country.


Let’s analyze the stimulus spending….just for some fun. LOL, Just Kidding! Someone has done this for us and I’ll forgo all my comments about stupidity, having a goal but no plan of action, stupidity, money-grab, stupidity, yadayada.

First of all, the “stimulus tour” that us commoners were treated to recently, occurred mostly in states that Obama won in the election. Curious

A new study released by USA Today also finds that counties that voted for Obama received about twice as much stimulus money per capita as those that voted for McCain. Curiouser and curiouser

“The people to talk to are in the administration…. The administration is deciding where [the money] flows.” — unnamed Democrat staffer

“…it didn’t really matter who got the money because “giving out money is good for everyone. If you give the money to an old person, they will spend it and that will create more jobs.” –unnamed Obama staffer

If you want the hard numbers, dig in here: WSJ’s Breakdown

You can even go to our new website and watch the euphoric spending and miraculous transformation of an America worthy of MO’s pride.

And if that’s not enough pork for ya, here’s a funny about Million Dollar Sliced Hams @ Hot Air.


Health Care REFORM is the talk of the week month.  If you oppose this (and I know that most people that bother to read my blog, do) COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR REPS AND SENATORS NOW!!!

For your shopping convenience, my friends:
Da House re: HR 3200 America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009
Da Bobble-Heads re: S 4 Comprehensive Health Reform Act of 2009
Dem Blue Dogs

If you have a Blue Dog from your state, even though they are not your district Rep — give them your voice/encouragement/support anyway!! They need it, they are facing the Domestic Axis of Evil and need to hear from some sane folk.

Both bills are in committee in both houses. . . . which means you still have time. This atrocity could die in committee and hand Obama Machine Politics a savory defeat!


And while you’re contacting your congressional leaders, bear in mind the current move to attach ‘hate crimes’, aka 1st Amendment infringement, to the defense budget bill. The defense budget that BHO vowed to veto if it contained continued funding for the F-22 program. The F-22 program is still in there. So, what will O’BamBam do with this?


Remember Private Bowe Bergdahl and his family in your prayers.


Oh blessed Lord and Saviour we ask of Thee this hour, make the crooked straight.
Lord, please keep a hedge around young Private Bergdahl,
make your presence so heavy that his oppressors crawl away from him on their knees.
Heavenly Father, revive our nation and grant Thy healing power.

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