The Weekly LOLs #19

I rather enjoy this Birth Ceritificate controversy. Since I’m a cynic, I don’t think it will make any difference if BHO were declared ineligible; Democrat-led Congress will defend it’s savior. It’s kind of along the lines of thinking Little Johnny stole candy from the dime store, but it’s no big deal. We’ll just pretend it didn’t happen, ok? I mean he’s just a child…let’s not give him a complex or make him feel guilty. There are more sinister analogies but I’ll keep those to myself.  Yep….that’s real “progressive” thinking.

I think BHO worked for the CIA and that is why we can’t find any records.  He’s almost ghost-like.  It was actually easy to find out what records we don’t have on the man (if you know where to look for this highly secret information that the msm can’t find) Here’s the rather lengthy and distinguished list:

  • Obama’s kindergarten records – ok, that’s probably not a biggie back then
  • Punahou school records – his elite Hawaii K-12 school
  • Occidental College records – i hear tell, the grades weren’t so hot
  • Columbia University records – really?
  • Columbia thesis – really?? not one copy?
  • Harvard Law School records – i ain’t buy’n it
  • Harvard Law Review articles – writing was below his pay grade, maybe?
  • scholarly articles from the University of Chicago – uh, uh, ay, um, scholarly, did you say?
  • passport – that is just for commoners, come on
  • medical records – obviously spent too many years in the free health care plan
  • files from his years as an Illinois state senator – I didn’t know ghosts stunk so much
  • Illinois State Bar Association records – LOL!
  • any baptism records – nay, thats just for them bitter Christians
  • his adoption records – who exactly was he adopted by? The family history is confusing at best. Oh well, whatever!

Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. Call it a day, already.


Hey Kids!  Are you ready for some football rationed health care?  Pelosi is pushing for a vote before the August recess.  How come growed up Congressmans still git a recess, Mama? That Nancy sure is one pushy um, woman – eh?   Anyway, some big butt bill will be rammed thru Congress without being read….uh-gi-un.  Obamacare, (oh that word sickens me), universal health care, socialized medicine – choose your moniker — will FAIL.  It always does.

Why is military health care a laughing stock?  Do you honestly think Medicare & Social Security will be there for you?  Ask the average Canadian, Brit, or Swede what they really think of their health care.  It has FAILED them much the same way our Department of Education has FAILED us….a total, complete flop of epic proportions….a black hole that continues to suck millions upon millions of dollars into the void of vanity.

The military has a priority system, btw, and everyone that is eligible for their health care is put into their proper category.

  • Active duty

  • Active duty family members who are enrolled in TRICARE Prime 

  • Retirees, their family members, and survivors who are enrolled in TRICARE Prime 

  • Active duty family members who are NOT enrolled in TRICARE Prime 

  • Retirees, their family members and survivors who are not enrolled in TRICARE Prime 

  • All other eligible persons – which gets complicated and can include Native Americans, NATO, and so on.
  • To clarify that a bit….The military has had a priority system for a very long time, but it was much simpler back in the day.  TRICARE is the military’s “health plan”.  It hasn’t always been in place and, imho, the health care was better before it was created….thank you Congress for another piece of crap, but I digress.  There are different levels of TRICARE  – which retired military families pay for – contrary to the initial agreement between America and those who serve her, but I digress again.  Then when you are too old they dump you into the Medicare system….and we know how great that works.  Oops, digressed again…my apologies.

    And if the military treatment facility doesn’t have the manpower or budget to take care of all it’s patients, they are farmed out.  Fortunately, there is some place to be farmed out to….civilian doctors (part of the evil rich Americans, ya know)….that are kind enough to take our crappy insurance.  I am blessed with one of those doctors.  Sometimes they are hard to find.

    Just so ya know……..


    Sotomayor – now THAT is fun-ny and an icon for those who are educated beyond their capability.


    and if that isn’t enough to make you fall out of your chair laughing till you stomach hurts……ACORN applauds the new Census guy.


    1285 Days and clinging to my God and my guns more than ever.

    Wait until you see my next ‘giftie’.

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    2 Responses to The Weekly LOLs #19

    1. Elaine says:

      Some days, well lots of day actually, I worry about when they’ll decide to take my guns away – well attempt to.

      I know they can’t take my Jesus – they just aren’t strong enough for that. And never will be either.

      • Sheri says:

        No, they can’t. I pity the fools in power that mock God and God’s people so openly….I truly fear for their soul.

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