Netflix is being nice

and I’m totally suspicious.  What and why?  I need to know.

We do the 3 dvds at a time rate.  They’ve been sending us 4 at a time quite often and they are not charging us for anything other than the 3 at a time rate.  Something about ‘your requested dvd was not available from your local center, so we are sending it from another center and it will arrive in 3-5 days.  Since it is unfathomable that one be without a Netflix, we are sending your next dvd in queue.’  Of course, we must return 2 dvds before they will send any more.  At some point, there will be 4 dvds sitting there patiently, waiting to be watched as I mindlessly crochet another dishcloth.   

Its kind of like when someone stops their car and let’s you pull out ….. defying all common sense & normal traffic laws to do so.  To-tal-ly freaks me out when they do that.  Just follow the rules, man, follow the rules.  I’m good.  Following rules keeps my van and my body dent-free.  Anyway….

I keep looking for some loophole that says “Aha!  Gotcha!  Now you owe us $$ for the unlimited dvds at a time program you agreed to when you did such and such……” 

Maybe it is because we rent dvds that nobody else is interested in and they’re just glad to get them off the shelves for awhile.  Our current queue is full of StarTrek Enterprise, Pokemon, and a few of those “learning kind” interspersed ….. pathetic, I know. 

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4 Responses to Netflix is being nice

  1. Chrystal says:

    We do the two at a time. Mostly the new releases though. A few geeky history shows in there from time to time. We tend to throw them in drawer in our entertainment center as soon as one arrives and wait a week or two to even watch them. We also do the live streaming on the laptop for the boys when a good show comes available. I just love Netflix though. Cheap and no late fees!

  2. Donna says:

    That’s funny Sheri, being blessed with the richness of a free one and not having the time (or possibly the interest on the priority of fun scale) to enjoy it.

  3. appliejuice says:

    We do the one at a time, but make sure the movies go back quickly so we can have at least two movies a week. lol

    We have been watching the first Star Trek movies in instant play. Those are fun watch and see how they change.

    Congrats on the freebie movie. I think I’ll tell on you now. I wouldn’t want you to go through this stress again. 🙂

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