Homeschool Room Conversations

Why would a blind person go sight-seeing?

If there was a hole in the atmosphere, wouldn’t all the air be sucked out?

What’s a handsome devil?

At the moment:
Bull is reading about bones (he is supposed to be reading about reproduction – so I am OK with this). The accompanying experiment is fruit fly reproduction – which we are NOT doing, sorry Apologia, but we see enough of that out here in booniburbia.
Bear is reading about lizards. The fact that they eat their molted skin is somehow fascinating.

Interesting cross-conversations going on.

Are dragons, lizards? ~~~ Ewww! maggots. 
Is it blasphemy to nickname the basilisk, the “Jesus lizard”? ~~~ I don’t know, ask Mom. Mom, is it?
Can we have a Frill-necked Lizard? ~~~ No, we can go outside and get a free skink.
Did you know that fat people really do have bigger bones to hold up their weight? ~~~ I’m hungry, when’s lunch?

Enter Dad.  Yeah, when’s lunch?

Why is your stuff always on my side? ~~~  I don’t know, why is your stuff always on MY side?

Lunch is served….

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3 Responses to Homeschool Room Conversations

  1. appliejuice says:

    LOL We have those conversations around here too.

  2. heathertopia says:

    I’m raising wingless fruitflies to feed my baby praying mantises when they hatch out of their egg case 😀 They are cool! The flies have little redish orange heads and when they are larvaes they look like little clearish plastic wormy things 😀 I’ll try to post pics on my blog for you tomorrow 😀

    • Sheri says:

      Orange-headed flies and see-through larvae — You’re so sweet to do that for little ole me. 😆

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