Bird Notes

Spottings and Observations this past week or so.

The American Goldfinch male has his summer colors.

Some Starlings have young in the nest.

A Kildeer made her nest at the baseball diamond where my son practices. It is on the ground along the backstop and about 3′ from the bleachers. Poor thing. It was probably quiet when she made her nest and then WHAM! baseball practice, with 150 tiny to gigantic tormentors everywhere. There were 4 heavily speckled eggs in her little nest. I hope to remember my camera for the next practice. I also hope her nest is still there. Kildeer can be quite fun to watch, being the drama queens that they are.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird spotted around the azaleas.

The Purple Martins are really active.

The Honeysuckle vine is blooming….mmmm.

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4 Responses to Bird Notes

  1. seeker86 says:

    Wow what a variety!

  2. heathertopia says:

    I need to put my hummingbird feeders back up, I keep forgetting 😛 I also need to see what kind of birdies are nesting outside my bedroom window and keeping me up every night…lol!

  3. appliejuice says:


    We spotted to little birds that we thought were hummingbirds at first. Their wings moved like hummingbirds. We can’t figure out what they are.

    I wonder what they were? What other birds can hover like a hummy – I don’t know? Maybe you have a new species – the Applie Bird. 🙂

  4. Donna says:

    Chuckling over the Kildeer, the poor thing.

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