The Weekly LOLs #11

Michelle Obama is the nation’s first FLOTUS to add a full-time makeup artist to her traveling entourage.
I’m sooooo glad she’s getting our money’s worth! batting


Does anybody watch House? I don’t, but I’ve heard tell that one of the show’s stars is moving to DC as the 

Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Liaison“.

The WhAt?? LOL, I think that means Party Planner. The guy that will make sure Obama’s HollyFolk get invited to the WH, so Obama will continue to look cool and hip to us StupidFolk in the real world. You know…. “us StupidFolk” – the ones that will only have CHANGE left in our pockets by the time the senior class president finishes redefining & rewriting America.
The actor’s name is Kal, K-A-L. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll be coordinating a Knit-A-Long at the WH, being that knitting IS cool and hip? I think that’s a grand idea! Gardening and now knitting….
Oh, another thought (I know! The thoughts just keep coming -little lol at myself). The House character committed suicide to join Obama. ba-dump-bump-tsching



OK, let’s have a Tea Party Chat!
Did your town have one?
Did you go?
What was it like?

We did not attend our local tea party, we went to church as we usually do on Wednesday evenings. Next year’s Tax Day Tea Party will be on a Thursday and I look forward to attending. I wonder if we’ll still be allowed to peaceably assemble? The events that I’ve been able to read about were peaceful demonstrations….no rehashing of Proposition 8 antics. See? Right Wingers Do It Better! Check out the Tea Party link above to look at all those fabulous signs if nothing else. Washington, Adams, and Jefferson would be proud!

As far as I know, this is the closest thing to an acknowledgement of the Tea Parties by our African American President. These words were spoken across the street from the DC Tea Party, as he was bragging about his tax cuts.

“For too long, we’ve seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that increased the burden on working people instead of helping them live their dreams,’’ Mr. Obama said. “That has to change.’’ 

Yeah right — keep the change! Keep the agenda. Keep the hypocrisy. Keep the lies. Sooner or later, one has told so many lies that one’s lies begin telling lies.

I thought CNN was boycotting the Tea Parties but apparently they sent a reporter to incite the crowd ridicule grassroot Americans report the goings-on in Chicago. Here’s a YouTube.

Apparently CNN is writing jokes for Jay Leno, too.

Frat House Humor


Now, I hope you’re wondering why I said “African American President”. I’ve labeled His Presidency with many names, but not this one. I can’t say I really think of him that way either. Since his US citizenship has yet to be proven, then I do question the “American” part of the moniker. In my opinion, his white half sucks as much as his black half….co-equal suckiness. Anyway, it came to mind after reading this little unclassified document from the Department of Homeland Security titled Right Wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment.

I know pdfs take awhile to download, but I encourage you to read it to see what the fuss is all about. It’s sickening, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. In all honesty, this race-baiting, profiling, generalizing of all things non-liberal makes me angry. Because I adhere to christian values I am thrown in w/the likes of Timothy McVeigh and people who kill cops??? I can only imagine how a young soldier returning from Iraq, Afghanistan or whosit’stan feels when their own country that they’ve sworn to defend is categorizing Military Veterans as easy recruits for extremists, but only right wing extremists…therefore, they must be “watched”.

I find it interesting that “terrorist” is mentioned 14 times — a word I thought banned by this administration.
“Terrorism” is mentioned once.
Current POTUS is only referred to as “African American President”.
Criminal gang members amongst the military are not mentioned, although they are a known threat to America’s citizenry.
And the homosexuals are completely ignored. The Nerve!!

So, apparently the so-called fairness doctrine idealogy doesn’t apply here.


Don’t even get me started on why O wanted all “religious” symbols & signs covered or removed during his speech at Georgetown U.  I look forward to seeing O bowing at the knee.  

1374 Days Left

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