The Weekly LOLs #9

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Meet Bearack Obama — He’s almost cute, in a big, furry, I can eat you for lunch, sort of way.

While grabbing a quick dinner at Lenny’s Subs, yesterday, Wolf Blitzer of CNN was on but muted. I had to read the subtitles. There is so much gobbly-gook on the screen of news shows now that trying to keep my eyeballs focused on a TV that’s elevated 10′ and 15′ away, was a challenge. I see why BHO doesn’t settle for just one t-prompter.
Apparently the Senate response to the AIG bonuses has cooled. I suspect they finally realized how much of those bonuses is being ‘kicked back’. Yes, I truly believe there is some of that going on….I wasn’t born yesterday, ya know. I was, however, shocked, SHOCKED at at the near-negativity that CNN was displaying on the actions of their beloved Democrat-run House/Senate/Adminstration. Then the blond talking head exposes CNN’s everpresent & undeniable bias. They are now categorizing those BAAAD Dems, who would even think of raising an eyebrow towards Their Beloved, with those scum-of-the-earth Repubs. Oh, so that’s the new angle! Gotcha. CNN N E V E R fails.


“You don’t want to be passing laws that are just targeting a handful of individuals.”
—Your President

Does the “hope-ocrisy” not leave you speechless?

The Office of Management and Budget reports that O’s proposed budget numbers don’t add up (surprise!) and it will cost nearly 125% of what is claimed. OMB predicted a $9.3 trillion deficit over the next decade.
Shiver Me Timbers! And that is not the same as a “thrill going up my leg”! Remember the constant blasting of Bush’s $2.9 trillion deficit on the campaign trail and during the first 8 weeks of his presidency. We’re finishing week 9….I bet we won’t hear anymore about the measly $2.9 tril.


Let’s do another ‘remember when’:
Remember when the stock market was @ 11,000 and unemployment @ 6.2%? (it’s about 7000 and 8% respectively)
Remember when our Congress was bipartisan?
Ahhh, the good ole’ days…may they soon return!


This guy is pretty funny —>BOTeleprompter aka TOTUS –

Just noticed one hole in Rose Garden is filled. No truth to rumor that America’s future is buried there.


Hillary standing tough and strong against “evildoers”.

Clinton vowed Wednesday to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council should the launch go forward. The council banned the North from any ballistic activity in 2006.
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton warned that such a “provocative act” could jeopardize the stalled talks on supplying North Korea with aid and other concessions in exchange for dismantling its nuclear program.
—By Mari Yamaguchi, AP Writer

I’m sure {{{North Korea}}} quakes in their little black boots and feels sorely hen-pecked.


Have you spoke with your Congressman today?  


Countdown until Obama leaves Office
1395 Days, 01 Hours, 53 Minutes, 30 Seconds

at the time of this posting.

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