The Weekly LOLs #8

On behalf of my family, I sincerely apologize for Mr. Gordon Brown’s treatment while visiting our country. We are embarrassed and humbly ask for your continued graciousness as we suffer the next 1400 days.

Yes, I am aghast at the treatment Mr. Brown received while visiting POTUS, accentuated by the horribly thoughtless DVD gift. Not only was the gift inconsiderate, the gift is completely useless. Europe uses a different electronic format! Totally Useless & Totally Priceless all at the same time! LOL! On second thought, that might have been a most representative gift of our Dear Leader.


Give a bailout to your friends. Friends get fat bonus checks. Tax them 90% on the bonus. Is this a three-ring circus or a money laundering scheme? Hey friends with fat bonus checks….you’ve been had and left to fry. You’re still a scumbag, but a least you got your money LEGALLY!

The feigned shock and outrage of the Democrat Donkeys is repulsive! You steal a trillion dollars from American citizens, some of whom haven’t even been born yet…at least the ones that will survive your embryonic cell harvesting & abortion industry….and then get all theatrical about a couple of hundred, legally-obtained, according to YOUR legistion, million dollars? OH the irony is killing me!


Obama — apparently not ready for prime time, insults Special Olympics. Let me share with you some words from the One that created those you just insulted. I picked a real simple bible verse b/c I know how difficult it is for you to get these right.

Matthew 5:5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.


A video groveling from B. Hussein to the people and leaders of Iran.

Happy New Day or whatever

1401 Days Left — sometimes it feels like an eternity.


The Shining Hypocrite award goes to — Geithner or Dodd?

“We expressed concern about this specific version. We wanted to make sure it was strong enough to survive legal challenge,”
–Timothy Geithner

Referring to the provision he had altered in the spendulus legislation that would have limited executive bonuses. Oh Puuuhhhhleeeeeez. Legal challenge? Do you honestly think that WE think you’re concerned about keeping things legal? BAH!

He said Wednesday that the “grandfather clause” language “seemed like innocent modifications” at the time.
–Sen. Dodd, a Connecticut Democrat (quote chopped up by CNN-caveat emptor)

Referring to same such provision. But, here’s a little light on that –> Three guesses as to where the AiG folk on the receiving end of these bonuses live. Ding!Ding! You are correct! It’s Connecticut!


Oh, one last word………….Obama, you pitiful excuse for a Commander in Chief…….don’t screw with our VETERANS everrrr again!!!


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3 Responses to The Weekly LOLs #8

  1. Donna says:

    I’m taken aback by the unreasoned reaction of the hill over the bonuses. I find it repulsive too.

    What good is law when law-makers can change the game to make themselves look good. What good is it when the very foundation is no longer based on anything solid.

    If parents treated their kids the way they are treating this, kids would be messed up.

    Mom to son: You can do that.
    Son does it.
    Mom is infuriated that son did it and takes away all of his belongings.
    Son loses all confidence in mom.

  2. Chrystal says:

    I saw the prime time thing on tv tonight…What an IDIOT!

    Silly me for thinking he had enough common sense to know DVDs are formatted different in Europe than they are in America….What an IDIOT!

    As far as the veterans having to pay for their combat injuries…well that’s kinda like saying “thanks for serving our country, but did you have to get shot?” All to save a mere $500million? Disgust! I can think of other places he could have saved twice as much (a ridiculous spending bill comes to mind!) Oh! The nerve of that man…..What an IDIOT!

    The next time someone asks how long an eternity is, one can answer with “around 1400days!”


    So, you really think he’s an idiot?! LOL. As a leader, one of the things you learn is to surround yourself with competent people. He has not done that. Competent people would have come up with something more thoughtful than a boxed set of DVDs. Competent people would go above and beyond to make sure something was appropriate, proper, & right before gifting it. If it weren’t so insulting, this would top the gag gift that Sec of State Clinton gave the Russians. Class & Competence obviously went out with the previous administration.

  3. Chrystal says:

    I have to know, what was the gag gift?
    I’m surprised though, that he didn’t give a box set of DVDs about the “life and times of BHO”! Bwahahaha. WHAT AN IDIOT!
    I’m not sure what is more insulting to the PM…getting a lousy set of DVDs that are the wrong format, or knowing that BHO can spend, spend, spend on dinners for his guys and gives out crappy gifts to everyone else.
    UGH! This guys really irritates me. I would have got back on my plane and left. After I laughed at his pathetic gift of course.

    Here’s a link. Reset

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