Wild Dog Rant

from the National Council on Pet Population Study & Policy

With the exception of “biting”, not one of these things is actually an animal problem. It is an owner problem; specifically an owner retention problem. This list is for reasons that cats and dogs are relinquished to animal shelters. I’m sure the list for throwing your animals out the car as you speed down a county road are pretty much the same. Our area is a notorious area for owners to dump their unwanted animals. We feed 2 sometimes 3 stray cats in addition to our own. Our much loved pet dogs were dumped somewhere near the Mississippi River about 3 years ago, when we found them. My husband was chased, by two snarling & growling pit bull/lab mix mutts while getting our mail this week (these dogs are owned, but not cared for). There are 3 large dogs of unknown breed and origin in our pasture as I write. A neighbor 3 houses away was chased into her house by a pack of feral pit bulls. The neighbor about 4 more houses down has had trouble with same said pack. This little pack of once-cute puppies is an ongoing problem around here.

I live out in the country, surrounded by acres of pasture and wooded areas. Out here, where life is good and children can be children. Can I let my children run free? NO!!! Can my family & our fellow neighbors walk the roads, enjoying God’s creation, for exercise and general well being without carrying big sticks? NO!!! Can children freely ride their bicycles down our quiet country roads? NO!!! Can I walk to the mailbox without packing? NO!!! Ridiculous!

It’s an owner retention problem say the statistics. I’d say it’s another case of stupid people satisfying their own greed, materialism, and need of instant gratification. Oh let’s buy this cute little puppywuppy. Then dumping their ill-conceived, stupid, idea on somebody else and walking away from their responsibility…tralalalalaaaa…….Typical!!

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4 Responses to Wild Dog Rant

  1. appliejuice says:

    I’d be carrying a gun with that pack of dogs around. I hate to say that, but a pack of dogs chasing people is not a good thing.

    Too bad you can’t pick them up and take them back to their previous owners.

  2. Donna says:

    It’s cowardly to dump animals. I’m sorry Sheri. 😦

  3. Elaine says:

    I had a nice long comment about this but WP messed up and it disappeared. Basically I’m with Applie, carry a gun and if they come around shoot to kill. The problem of course is that you cannot allow your kids to play outside with packs of dogs running loose.

    That’s is the biggest stink of it, Elaine. No fair!

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