Don’t read AP articles while drinking….anything.

The first sentence of an AP article:
“Highlights of a nearly $789 billion compromise version of President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan agreed to by Democrats and moderate Senate Republicans.”

Moderate Senate Republicans? MODERATE?! Woo-wee ouchie wa wa, I choked on that one. Not wasting any time advertising this as a bipartisan plan, are they?! You know, I never would have labeled Specter, Snowe, and Collins as moderate. Renegade, turncoat, traitorous, treasonous, even liberal, come to mind, but not moderate. In all truthfulness, I didn’t know much about Snowe and Collins, I mean they’re from Maine, until this past week or so. I sure know them now.

So, 3 of 219 total Republicans in the 111th Congress must really mean something….to the esteemed AP.

I believe there is some voting to take place tomorrow….we’ll see if these 3 chokechoke Moderates will continue to stand with the Democrat side of the Hill, after all of yesterday’s cleaning-up behind closed doors.
Wouldn’t it be grand for this to FAIL in the eleventh hour!?! I can only imagine the spectacular encore performance by Mr. President.

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