IMG_3330 There’s the corner getting filled back up, but it’s OK…things have to get better before they get worse. That stack in the corner is what is going OMFD (out my front door). The book shelf is now empty and everything on it has a new home.
Isn’t that so much better? It may not look better to you, but I can feel the good vibes coming from these shelves. They are organized (at least in my mind) and dust free (for a day or two). That is three bookshelves plus bits and pieces from a white storage cabinet pared down to two bookshelves. No more rat’s nest, just a nice little corner cubby for a bookbag. And you know, this just in the knick of time because guess what came IN MY FRONT DOOR, thanks to my favorite UPS guy?

Feast your Eyes!

Apologia GenSci Kit
Lovely, but what is it? The Apologia General Science Kit from Home Science Tools. Any time a Home Science Tools box arrives, it’s a geek party around here. I just barely got in to take this photo. LOL.

And if that wasn’t enough….mail call!
A box from LEGO, YES! Sorry, I don’t have a picture…I can’t even get close. We’re just on a geek high around here. nerdy

Oh wait….late, breaking news! There was a free Darth Vader in the Lego set! *shrieks of joy* Can this day get ANY better?!

Oh another wait….it just keeps getting geekier better. While building their latest Lego creation; they whistle a happy tune. The happy tune = Mozart. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.

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3 Responses to Unfinished…progress

  1. mnkristy says:

    So are the Apologia Science kits worth it? We are doing general science this year and I find that we skip many experiments because I just don’t have what he needs. For being so organized as I am, I should do a better job of planning ahead.

    I think what I like best is that it’s all there (except for a few common household items, they tell me) and I don’t have to hunt and peck through Walmart, Lowe’s, crafts stores, and the pharmacy to find this kind of stuff. It saves me inopportune trips and the requisite lunches out. For $22, it is worth it and I won’t end up with 9.75 pounds of Plaster of Paris that we’ll never use. Plus, who can’t use another cheap, plastic funnel? lol My take, anyway, but I’ll know better when we dig in.

  2. Elaine says:

    So what Lego set did they get? My boy loves Legos and he’s 16!! Last fall he spent around $200 to buy 2 Lego Star Wars sets that he’s been wanting. For his birthday hubby and I as well as the girl bought him 2 different sets – he was in Lego heaven for a while there. 😆

    I will email you b/c I also have link your son just has to see.

  3. Sounds like a great day at your house. You got those bookshelves done just in time to play Lego’s and Science with the boys. How Fun!

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