Oil Cleansing Method

Oil Cleaning Method?

I first read about this at Kristy’s Corner. It wasn’t the first time I’d heard about using natural oils for skin care, I mean that has been around for centuries upon centuries. But, sometimes you read someone else’s take on it and it just clicks. I was immediately excited to get started right away and go beyond the vitamin E and tea tree oils for some dry patchy spots. I ordered my products from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Skin Cleanser Oils

After some research, I chose the following oils:
Sunflower Oil as my main carrier oil
Sweet Almond Oil to soften and soothe and b/c I like it
Jojoba Oil for it’s overall qualities and resemblance to sebum
Macadamia Nut Oil for it’s regenerative properties
Evening Primrose Oil for it’s anti-inflammatory properties

I found it hard to stop wanting more oils and this is probably more than I need, but that’s part of the fun!  Rosehip Oil is on my list to try.

I followed the 80/20 mixture for balanced skin and came up with this “recipe” for 10 ounces of my oil skin cleanser. I made up 5 ounces worth. (in blue)
2 oz. Castor Oil (1 oz)
5 oz. Sunflower Oil (2 1/2 oz)
1 oz. Jojoba Oil (1/2 oz)
1 oz. Almond Oil (1/2 oz)
1/2 oz. Evening Primrose Oil (1/4 oz)
1/2 oz. Macadamia Nut Oil (1/4 oz)

I mixed everything up and keep it in a plastic bottle by my bathroom sink.  It’s not pretty, but then neither is my bathroom.  

I will alter this recipe to a 90/10 mixture for the rest of the winter.  During the summer, I will look for oil that has more protective or healing properties from the sun.  

Sometimes I get lazy and don’t do the oil massage…opting to just jump in the shower and use either my Dove soap or my Mary Kay cleanser. However, with a fairly faithful adherence to the oil cleansing method, I haven’t had the problems with dry skin like I would normally be having this time of year. I still have a my redness to my face and I don’t know if that will clear up when I decrease the castor oil or if I need to find some other oils that will combat that better. It’s a process of researching and experimenting afterall, but my skin feels wonderful. Sometimes I use the oil all over and I should probably do that more often…feels sooo good!

So, that’s my little skin care story.

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  1. Chrystal says:

    Hmmmm. I have never heard of this other than using cuticle oil for my nails (or vitamin E oil) or baby oil in my bath. I might try a few of these things you have mentiones. Seems like if nothing else you probably smell GREAT! My back is very dry during the winter along with the normal problem spots….elbows and hands!
    If you find something that works for the redness in the face, do let me know. I am getting that too. Must be in my genes or something! 🙂

    You have a birthday coming up soon 😉

  2. mnkristy says:

    Yeah! How exciting to be featured on somebody else’s blog! I am so glad that you decided to try it. I am still loving my OCM and my skin feels so wonderful as well. It is addicting with the different oils and having to stop yourself from using every single one possible. But it’s fun to experiment and see which ones work the best for you. Good Luck and thanks for sharing this wonderful method with others.

    Thank you for sharing first, Kristy! It’s just one of those things that you want to share because it’s so simple and I love simple.

  3. Tresses says:

    Sheri, I’ve been using OCM for about 7 years. I learned about it at a hair site (the predecessor to LHC) from a woman whose name was Lori “Cricketsongs”. I mention her name because she rarely gets credit for what became a *major* thread at LHC (including its archived site) and its sister site, The Beauty Bottle. (The Oil Cleansing Method link from Kristy’s site was written by the owner of LHC/TBB, and she learned it from Lori at the same time I did.) Lori’s original recipe was 50/50 Castor Oil/Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Of all of the mixtures I’ve tried over the years, I always go back to that one. (And I have dry skin.) Sometimes, I try something else. At the moment, I’m actually using good ol’ Noxzema (which uses oils to cleanse, btw 😉 ). I also don’t always take the time to do that long massage thing, either. It’s nice, but it isn’t necessary for daily cleansing. 🙂 You can also mix some of your oil with brown sugar for exfoliating.

    Anyway, OCM saved my skin years ago. And, regardless of what I use to cleanse, the only moisturizer I use is oil. My “Holy Grail” of oils now for moisturizing my hair and skin is Japanese Camellia oil. Awesome stuff!

    I’m glad you found OCM and are having fun with your oils! 😀 (It’s addictive, buying oils…have you tried any essential oils? ::enable:: 😉 )

    Tresses, I really should have known that you’d already be into OCM. I’ve been looking for a local place for some essential oils, but I’ll just have to order them….thanks for the nudge. LOL!

  4. I’m looking forward to hearing how this goes for you. I use light sesame oil when I am still wet but just out of the shower and it is great for my skin. I’m not normally very dry so its just enough.
    Your mixture sounds like it would smell very nice, too.


    It has a barely-there scent from the nut oils, which is the way I like it. I don’t do well with perfumy stuff at all.

  5. Chrystal says:

    I have been using oil of olay soap free foaming facial cleanser for about 2 years now and while I like it because it isn’t harsh, it really leaves my skin blah. Now that winter is here it is very dry, blotchy, and itchy. Not fun! I used Noxzema in highschool and I’m wondering if it might be better. I didnt know it used oils. I might pick up a small tub and give it a try again. Thanks for that little tid bit of info Tresses. Also, Bath and Body Works sells some essential oils and lotions with EO as well. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what your looking for, but it’s worth a shot to check them out.
    And mom, I havent even began to think about my own bday yet. I have Biggin’s coming up Jan.17 and Logi’s coming up on Feb.12. Too much too close together. tee-hee 🙂

  6. Elaine says:

    This is an interesting topic and one that I’ll have to come back to and read more about. Thanks for the info.

  7. Donna says:

    That sounds like it could be a relaxing treatment.

    I just noticed something new (at your blog). Your picture is serving as your blog’s favicon in the address bar and in the browser tabs.

  8. Sheri says:

    Hmm….favicons (you’re always expanding my vocabulary) and browser tabs. They look the same to me. Might be a Safari thing, although I see favicons from lots of my booksmarks.
    I uploaded a blog pic on the settings page this afternoon, so I guess that is what that does -eh? lol

  9. Donna says:

    You must see it. I looked into it today and wordpress calls it a blavatar.

  10. What a great and timely topic!!! I need to do some of this but time is elusive at best right now. But thanks so much for sharing as I will be researching it.

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