Walmart on a Sunday?

Those that know me, know that we faithfully attend church on Sundays … twice…. the whole shebang: Sunday school, morning service, and the evening service, with a choir practice stuck in there, too. I love Sundays! I love going to church, teaching, hearing what God has to say to me through the preaching, singing, and seeing my church family. I love everything about it, except the getting up part, but hey, that’s just the way things are. This is our life and our routine and has been for years now and we have determined to keep it that way. You have to determine to keep the Sabbath holy otherwise the world’s distractions will keep you out of church. On the way to church we see lots of people out and about – the dedicated gardeners gardening, the husbands getting in their weekly mow, the boaters dragging their floaty things down the highway and I just wonder how they find it so easy to forget about God. How many times have I heard busy Moms say, ‘Sunday is my laundry day’. Hmmm, clean clothes are important unless you want to smell like a gym locker, but what about our inside?

Today, I left church after teaching my Sunday school lesson. I have sick ones at home and a hubby that needs some things before he heads off to work for his shift. So, I skipped out and ran my errands to Walgreens for some medicines, Kroger for some coffee, Walmart for coffee b/c Kroger didn’t have mine, and Lenny’s for some lunch and made it home with 1/2 an hour to spare. Guess what? I found the hordes, the ones that aren’t cutting their lawn or gardening or doing some outdoorsy thing because it’s winter. They’re at Walmart and I’m right there, too. How empty. That’s how I felt. I felt alone and I felt empty and I can tell by the looks on people’s faces that they feel the same. Some of the faces I saw were just that….empty, almost like they were walking around in a daze…sheep without a shepherd. No one, except the door greeter makes eye contact any more. The carts are full but the cartpushers are empty. God is for forgotten. Jesus’ birth is the WHY of Christmas and people have forgotten. Jesus is coming and no one seems to look up from their Walmart shopping cart long enough to notice.

Walmart on a Sunday. I hope I won’t be doing that again any time soon.

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5 Responses to Walmart on a Sunday?

  1. mnkristy says:

    What a good post and good observations. How very sad for all those empty-eyed people. I wish we could share with them all what they are missing. How sweet it is to know our precious Jesus!

  2. So very sad. I am thankful that I belong to Him! He is such a precious, wonderful friend. I can’t imagine living in a world w/o Jesus.

  3. I always try to smile at those in Stuffmart.

    But you are so right, and they look empty on every day, not just Sundays.

  4. Elaine says:

    I completely understand. I try not to be in the stores on Sunday if possible but there are times when I am. I notice how the emptiness is spreading. For the most part where I live people are friendly but now that we are getting more box stores there is less friendliness and fewer smiles going around. I do try to be like CC and smile at people to let them know that people do still care in the world.

  5. woundedlily says:

    Walmart on Sunday
    Should be different from Monday
    Sunday is a non work day
    People sleep in – or at least that’s what they say

    Now, Walmart on Sunday
    is different from Tuesday
    People have the blues
    from too much to do on Monday

    Now, Walmart on Sunday..
    is not much different than Wednesday
    Its mid week and too tired to go
    to hear about the Lord and what we should know

    Now, Walmart on Thursday
    It so different today
    for we run about getting ready
    for that important day Friday

    Now, Walmart on Friday
    you’ll find no sports then
    for Friday it is very important
    that our team wins.

    Now, Walmart on Saturday
    its cleaning and playing
    we’ve been so busy all
    week long we’re getting
    ready for Sunday’s resting.

    Can’t go to church, you
    surely can see
    I’m busy Monday to Saturday
    for Sunday’s for me.

    (I’m too tired to get it all to rhyme, maybe some other time.

    Thanks Woundedlily, I really enjoyed your poem on my blog! That last line is so, so, accurate, sad to say.

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