Fill ‘Er Up, Sir

We just filled up our propane tank – 282.2 gallons worth.

The current rate is $2.049, which is the lowest price we’ve paid since we moved here 3 years ago.  We do not prepay and I’ve found that for the last 3 years, it would have been a mistake for us to do so.  DH and the propane man always have a man chat.  We are his third and last delivery of the day and while this might be good news on a lovely autumn Friday, the propane man wasn’t very happy.  Typically, this time of year he works from about 6AM until 9PM making deliveries…this is the time of year the company makes their money. He said people were being frugal with their fuel and turning their thermostats down to 68*.  

Hubby and I got a chuckle at that.  I think the only time we turn our thermostats UP to 68* is when it’s really cold outside AND we have the flubug.  

Today, we are thanking God for the blessing of a full propane tank.

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4 Responses to Fill ‘Er Up, Sir

  1. Chrystal says:

    So, that’s $589 and some change. How often do you fill up your tank? Every year, every few months? Sounds like it’s fairly cheap heating, considering my gas company takes off a piece of my arm everytime I turn my heat on.

    $584.22 including the Hazmat fee. 🙄 The first two years we filled up once and last year we filled up twice, but it was a pretty cold winter. We’ll see how this year goes. We don’t fill up in the spring/summer because our heat is the only thing that runs off propane (except for the gas fireplace, which we don’t use — sucks propane out of the tank so fast that we can hear it

  2. Chrystal says:

    Ok, twice a year…not so cheap. Once a year is pretty good though.
    It’s too bad you can’t use the fireplace. I loved ours at the old house. We had the wood burning one. I’m not sure I could handle the sound of all that money…I mean propane being sucked out so quickly. I probably wouldn’t use it either. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a pretty reasonable rate to fill the tank. We don’t turn our heat UP to 68 either…64 is the norm!

  4. Elaine says:

    My parents also use propane, in Maine, though I don’t know how much they pay. I do know that Mom uses a gas stove.

    Our natural gas is costing me $128 a month though that is do to go up come January. If we don’t get that natural gas pipeline in the price will also be going up possibly to the point where we’ll be having to make a change.

    I hope it doesn’t come to that, Elaine. (‘that’ being having to make a change) We burned a lot of wood while we lived in Anderson….our little wood stove was burning all the time.

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