The Great Aldi’s Experiment — Part 1

Aldi’s, Aldi’s, Aldi’s. I’ve heard many praises of Aldi’s, recently. The closest Aldi’s isn’t exactly close, or should I say, I have to drive by many a grocery store to get to the Aldi’s. My first experience with Aldi’s was as a small store in rural southeastern Kansas and I think there was a store in Wichita, but that is digging through the cobwebs of my mind. A decade or more later and I’m shopping at Aldi’s in Germany; a much different experience.

This Aldi’s did have the shopping carts that you place your quarter in as a deposit. In Germany, it was a Deutsche Mark and then a Euro coin. I’ve always thought this was a fantastic idea & one that America should fully embrace … eliminates the abandoned carts in the parking lot (a MAJOR pet peeve of mine). It doesn’t matter that it is only a quarter…it is the principle involved here….because nobody is going to shop on my quarter. I used to take carts, that were close to my van, back to the storefront, but I’ve given up….there will always be one in the same spot when I come back out of the store. Anyway, I chat too much…on with it.


Is it worth the drive? Will it indeed save my money because it’s hard to beat the commissary, Kroger specials, and don’t make me say it …..ssssshhh, Walmart.

Look for an excuse to go to Aldi’s: 99 cent/lb Butterball turkeys
Back up excuse: looking for real chocolate from Germany
Shop and run as many errands in the area as possible. (the bigger & better library, Old Time Pottery, Bass Pro, KFC because we will not eat at the one in our ‘burb).

COLLECT DATA – Pick a sampling of the Aldi offerings:

Canned Goods
rings w/meatballs … 79
chunky clam chowder … 1.39

Boxed Goods
onion soup mix … 59
fruit & grain bars … 1.99
instant mashed potatoes … 89
rice squares cereal … 2.19
apple cinnamon crispy oat creal … 1.89
deluxe mac & cheese (Kraft) … 1.59
macaroni & cheese … 35
saltines … 89
oyster crackers … 89

navel oranges … 1.99

whole milk … 3.29
colby cheese … 1.99
american cheese slices … 89
butter, unsalted … 1.99
whipped topping … 69

bacon, premium … 2.69
cotto salami … 1.18
bratwurst … 2.29
(2) Butterball turkeys … 99 cents/lb

Strawberry Cream Cake (Germany) … 6.99
Fruit of the Forest strudel (Italy) … 2.69
pork schnitzel (not specified) … 5.99

chocolate bars (Austria) … 59 (these passed the hubby test)
mini pretzels … 1.29 (loved these, much better than WM/Sam’s)
plain potato chips … 1.19
corn chips … 99
mini marshmallows … 79
Gummi bears (Germany) … 89
peanut butter & cheese crackers … 95
12-pk root beer … 2.29

fudgesicles (fit & active) … 2.99
lime/pineapple fruit bars … 3.49
garlic/cheese toast … 1.64

“Fresh” meats were gas vacuum packed. Yuck!

I was not impressed with the small & lacking produce section, at all. Everything was in bags, which is fine for some fruits & veggies, but the apples were very bruised, looked old, and I don’t like my bananas in plastic bags. I really didn’t look at the rest of the produce. I bought a bag of oranges.

If you’re hoping to find some German brand items here, I’d recommend that you not bother. Deutsche Kuche is their “German brand” and I’ll have to investigate that a bit further.

I didn’t try any of their paper or plastic products. I really have my favorites and would probably not change.

Normally, I wouldn’t buy that many snacky things, but this is an experiment and we wanted to get a proper sampling, ya know. In fact, the only thing we actually needed was milk, the turkeys, and the bag of oranges. I could have gotten out of there for $30.91 plus tax, but in the name of The Great Aldi Experiment, I laid down $103.21 including tax. For the record, sales tax is 7.75% on food items and 9.25% on the nonfood items, I bought (2 – 6 cent plastic Aldi bags and a very nice, roomy Aldi recycle bag for $1.99)

I will edit this post as needed and post Part 2 when we’ve tried most of what we bought.

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6 Responses to The Great Aldi’s Experiment — Part 1

  1. Chrystal says:

    I will have to post about our prices when we go again. Your’s seem much higher than ours. Although your milk is less than ours! 😦
    I must know how their DEUTSCHE KUCHE stuff is. As many times as I have gone I haven’t really bought any of the desserts. I usually load up on their cheap baking products and make my own desserts with the boys.

    I’ll certainly let you know. Normally, I don’t buy that kind of stuff because it’s usually under par, no matter what brand you buy. Nothin’ says lovin’ like Mamma’s cookin’ from the oven!
    I can get milk cheaper with my Kroger card and at the commissary….but a part of saving money on groceries, is not driving all over hither and thither.

  2. Applie says:

    Interesting. I have been thinking about Aldi’s. The closest Aldi’s to us is 71 miles away. I don’t think I’ll be shopping there. LOL Anyhoo, your prices are about the same as our grocery store. I think the milk is 40 cents higher though. I had to stop buying organic milk because it costs $5.79 a gallon. The turkey prices are what we can get on sale. I really don’t see a big savings for us, so I am glad there isn’t an Aldi’s near us. It wouldn’t do us any good. LOL

    We gave up organic milk when we moved here and were living off hubby’s retirement pay for awhile. Haven’t gone back to it either. I’m pretty sure I can get Butterballs at the commissary for the same price, but sometimes it’s hard to find the smaller 12 poundish turkeys, which is what I like…so I gobbled them up. hardyhar

  3. Sheila says:

    Those prices seem like about the same as the Aldi’s here. A few were maybe 10 cents higher? We have several Aldi’s in the area so its very much worth it for us to shop there. However, I do shop at stuff mart, Giant Eagle, Marcs, and BJ’s as well.I am always looking for a good sale and I stock up when I find one.

  4. seeker86 says:

    We don’t have an Aldi’s around here. My hubby is doing most of the shopping still and he likes Costco because he doesn’t have to go as much. In Publix and at Costco organic milk is sold by the half gallon and it is way cheaper at Costco but probably still around the price Applie mentioned:( My kids allergies are so bad we don’t drink a lot of milk though so it still works for us we just use it sparingly.

  5. tressays says:

    We don’t have an Aldi’s here either. We do have a Save-A-Lot, but for the quality of food I would just rather shop at the commissary. Overall, I just don’t think one can beat the commissary. For certain things, yes, I can beat the commissary and I will hit the stores for those things. For my big shopping, I would just rather go to the commissary and call it good.

  6. Chrystal says:

    Go check out The Great Aldi Experiment Part Deux on my blog. We can compare prices; I kept my receipt this time.

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