Nov. 12, 2008

I wanted to post something happy today. It’s not in me. And it’s rainy.

I sat in a McDonald’s last Saturday evening. Since they’ve decided their pro-sodomite agenda wasn’t profitable and reversed their stance, I thought we’d enjoy one of those American institutions that we’ve grown to love – right? Running through my head are thoughts of the election. 65 million people don’t regard an unborn life as significant. Approximately 500,000 people, in key swing states or battleground states, could have voted differently and we’d have a different future as a nation, than what faces us next year. I don’t know how the statisticians came up with that number, but I’ll leave the math and the figuring of electoral college votes to them…that’s what they do. The children of the children who grew up without God in their classrooms — in other words most of their daily lives — are of voting age. God help us! I sat in McDonald’s and watched them, arriving in packs. The hair colored and spiked just so in a haphazard fashion (that probably took an hour), shiny things protruding from their noses and lips, and waistbands of underwear showing ever so proudly atop jeans that just look dirty. Sitting at McDonald’s, munchin’ on fries, with my children, in the middle of the US and I felt very out of place.

My son had a history assignment this past week, to look up countries where religious persecution is occurring right now. It was frightening sick how easy this was to research. He writes down his list, which consists of the usual offenders plus a few more: Afghanistan, Iran, India, North Korea, China, some old eastern block countries … on and on. Today, a friend shared an article about DC’s metro/bus ad “why believe in a god, just be good for goodness’ sake”. Is there a reason for this ad to run just before Christmas? Does it not matter where goodness comes from? Reality Smack! Christian mentoring of school children is not allowed. Praying in public is ridiculed. Biblical beliefs are mocked from every secular college in America. I am wondering, should I add the USA to my son’s list?

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2 Responses to Nov. 12, 2008

  1. chrystal says:

    Here, read this guy’s blog.

    He talks about the same issue. Should you add the USA to his list? Yes…I believe so. K doesn’t even know the real pledge of allegiance. They leave out the “One Nation UNDER GOD” part of course. This was very sad to me. I taught him the real way to say it. The way it was meant to be said. He doesn’t go to the gym anymore. The are suppose to recite the pledge and school song. Well if they can’t get the pledge right he can get dropped off at his classroom.

  2. FourHisGlory says:

    Great post.

    It is so sad to see some of the things we do when we are out and about.

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