Stupid is…as Stupid does

Stupidity is a matter of deeds or a course of action, that reflects unintelligence, an inability to understand, ignorance, injudiciousness, ineptitude, hare-brained, obtuse, or how about unthinking. We can argue the finer points of stupidity, but everyone generally gets the idea of STUPID. If the word stupid offends you, then feel free to pick the synonym of your choice.

I’ve always liked Forrest Gump’s phrase, “stupid is, as stupid does.” It doesn’t directly state one is stupid, but that one’s actions speak for themselves.

My case in point — Tuesday’s election, specifically the election of one Barack Obama. For the record, Barack Obama is not a stupid man.

It is stupid… to elect a man that doesn’t understand or value the sanctity of life, an unborn life. If he can’t grasp that concept, what makes you think he’ll respect or value your life any more?

It is stupid… to elect an extremist and expect him to reach across that precious aisle of the congressional floor and sing “We are the World”. Let’s all hug and make the world a happy place.

It is stupid… to vote for a man that hasn’t honored his first oath to serve.

It is stupid… to not know why you voted. If you voted because you thought it was cool, you’re stupid. If you voted and don’t know the difference between a Senator and a Congressman and you know that you don’t know the difference and didn’t bother to find out the difference, you’re stupid.

It is stupid… to think that throwing your vote away on an unknown candidate is a reasonable course of action. So you can claim, I’ve gone the road less traveled? Puhhhlease, wake up and smell reality, because today’s reality smells like socialism. Thanks for your nonvote.

It is stupid… to believe cherry-picking exit polls and to follow the whims of biased media goofballs….you know the ones, always looking for a scab to pick. Or worse yet, to follow the conspiracy theory wackos. Letting you eyes and ears wander where they ought not…is stupid.

It is stupid… to vote for change, when you don’t know what that change is. It is stupid not to demand the definition of change before you decide whether it is worthy.

It is stupid… to vote for someone because of their race or not vote for them because of their race. If your politics aren’t any deeper than skin deep, don’t vote. Keep your prejudices to yourself where they belong.

It is stupid… to think that what’s mine is yours. I never asked for anyone’s peanut butter sandwich.

It is stupid… to vote for bigger government. Give me one example where a bigger, more intrusive government has been a positive thing for it’s citizens, when a republic was already in place?

Oh btw, it is also stupid to walk into a room of conservative minded folk and wave a communist flag or spout off self-righteous socialistic ideals….it is rude, tends to piss us off and just down-right stupid.

My apologies to all the “stupids” that I didn’t include in this post. It’s not that you weren’t worthy, it’s just that I can only take so much stupid and I don’t want to get stuck on it.

You can comment, but I will probably not post them… you really think I’m that stupid?

11/6/08 ETA: I’d like to thank ya’ll for the comments. Since I said I would probably not post them, I will stick to that….but you sure made me laugh.

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