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FOR TODAY November 3, 2008…

Outside My Window… I can look through our new french doors from my husband’s computer room. The view today is a beautiful fall morning, but it is so nice to look through such a lovely door…a very well insulated door, too!

I am thinking… about election day tomorrow. I’m not just thinking about it, I am praying about it. In particular, I am praying over Psalm 27.

I am thankful for… That I serve a God that isn’t worried about our election or our economy or anything else for that matter. He is never surprised or caught off guard. I am thankful that I can come to Him in prayer and He listens. I am thankful that He gives me peace in my heart…true peace that only comes with a trusting, personal relationship with the God of our salvation…the Light of my life. Whom shall I fear?

From the learning rooms … the twelve tribes of Israel, multiplication facts, a report on Uganda, marsupials, and the ever popular Shurley grammar.

From the kitchen… Goodies & full meal deals are somewhat lacking in the kitchen department lately. *sigh*

I am wearing… my favorite fuzzy blue robe and fuzzy socks.

I am creating… Well, I tried crocheting a little miniature stocking ornament but it is really, really goofy looking. I’m not so good at following patterns. I particularly seem to have a horrible time making baby booties and this little stocking is no different. Too bad, I had a cute idea in my head.

I am going… on the usual Monday errands and activities this afternoon.

I am reading… Sunday school material and the boys’ Christmas plays.

I am hoping… for a McCain/Palin win tomorrow!!!

I am hearing… whistling and that familiar noise of boys searching through the lego box. The heat just cut off, too.

Around the house… Did I mention our new doors? Those need to be cleaned off and stickers removed today.
change my little garden flag to the my Pilgrims flag
spiff up the kitchen & shine those bathrooms…fun, fun, fun
find a permanent home for my boxes of yarn stash

One of my favorite things… cappuccinos or lattes … I really don’t know which one our homemade versions really are. We call them cappuccinos, but it totally doesn’t matter — they are wonderful and I appreciate my husband who makes one for me every morning.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:
help the boys learn their lines for their Christmas plays
work on the choir notebooks
get back to low carb eating — this week has been difficult

Here is picture thought I am sharing… taken during the 2003 Easter at the White House. The Marine band is playing on the balcony. This was the year that President Bush invited only the military and their family to the the annual Easter Egg Roll. It was a very exciting day for us.
White House

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4 Responses to Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. seeker86 says:

    Are you feeling any better?
    That is so cool that you were invited to the White House!!

    “I am hoping… for a McCain/Palin win tomorrow!!!”
    Me too hoping and praying and voting tomorrow!
    We tried to vote this weekend but the lines were around the block and both places we went.

    Don’t give up on crocheting the little stocking. I really could have been the pattern. I’ve found several error on ones I have tried and just adjusted them or used another pattern and had success. The baby booties on my ravelry projects are super easy if you want to try those. You just crochet a rectangle on top of a rectangle and sew it together. You can do it!!!

    I’ve seen your little booties on Ravelry — they are adorable. This little stocking is for the Lisa Gentry group on Ravelry and it needs to be her pattern. Oh believe me, it is me…not the pattern!

    We are in various stages of wellness….you know how these things go on and on sometimes. Currently, my youngest is the only one who is feeling really bad, as he is the last one to catch it. Thank you for asking. cyber and germ-free HUGS!

  2. Chrystal says:

    Hooray for voting tomorrow. I will be there and I can’t wait.
    Go McCain/Palin!!!!

    Congrats on your NEW french doors…have fun peeling the stickers off.

    Love the picture!

  3. Applie says:

    New french doors, how exciting. I am hoping for McCain/Palin also. 🙂

  4. Elaine says:

    Yep, we’re voting in the morning after the commuters have gone through and school has begun as we have to vote at the local elementary school.

    Go McCain/Palin!!!

    Looking forward to seeing them both on the Capital steps as they take the oath of office.

    Contrats on the new doors and I’m so glad that you have a hubby who’ll make you cappuccinos or lattes each day.

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