Twosey Tuesday

After yesterday’s events in our illustrious House of Representatives, I have decided that America needs A SuperHero.
Who do you think could rise to the challenge?

  • I think Capt. America might do – someone of upright moral character & the right clothes.
  • then I think maybe we need Wonder Woman – she can clean house at super speeds and refurnish from the bottom up.
  • Let’s stay in the realm of fantasy for just another moment or two.
    Your two favorite Toy Story characters:

  • Mr. Potato Head, of course
  • the Army men Hu-AH!
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    3 Responses to Twosey Tuesday

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    2. Elaine says:

      Sheri, this is just uncanny, somehow God must have shared stuff with both of us because we seem to be an awful lot alike. Perhaps you, Beth and I were once triplets? 😕

    3. Donna says:

      LOL – superheros in congress. =)

      Those are some good choices Sheri.

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