Sorry Michelle, I said Hummels, not Hummers. 😉 Hummels are porcelain figurines designed from artwork by Maria Innocentia Hummel and produced by W. Goebel Porzellanfabrik GmbH & Co.

Hummels from my Dear Mother
Hummels from Mom

These were passed down to me from my Mom. There is an interesting story connected to these particular Hummels. While stationed in Germany during the early to mid 60s, my Dad was assigned to border patrol. Yes, that would be the East/West German border. Not all border patrol was intense and secretive as the movies would have us believe. Dad made friends with some of the German guards and traded Hummels for American cigarettes! The Apple Tree Boy and Girl are some of the most popular Hummels ever and have been in production for decades.

Hummels from my Dear Husband
Hummels from D

Helping me to carry on the family tradition of Hummels, my husband gifted me with these two special Hummel figurines. The Hummel on the right was a Christmas gift when we were expecting Son #1. I boohooed like a baby….or a pregnant lady, whichever is worse! The Hummel on the left was my Christmas gift after Son #2 arrived on the scene. There is much sentimental attachment to these two.

We haven’t bought any Hummels for years, although I do receive one as a gift every now and then. It is my understanding that Goebel has or is stopping Hummel production. Don’t worry, Heather, I will not get rid of my Hummels. Each one is a treasure.

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7 Responses to Hummels

  1. I love Hummels…I don’t have any, but I love them! Your memories and stories about these figures are great.

  2. heathertopia says:

    I love Hummels too 😀 I have 2 that I think are Hummels, but I’m not 100 percent sure…they were passed down to me too.

    I have various tea cups and a tea set, some are from the 1800’s. I also have some Precious Moments figurines, my Unicorns, and the Disney Princess collectable bells 😀

    I’m so glad you aren’t getting rid of your Hummels, the poor little kids would be orphans if you did…but I would adopt them along with saving the Unicorns 😀

  3. Donna says:

    Hummels are sweet! I have a four Hummels that I bought long long ago. Yours are so pretty! I have only one like yours, the apple tree girl.

    That is a good one to have!

  4. Elaine says:

    Those are precious pretties. I am not big on collecting dust collectors but when they come with such memories and stories they just can’t be given away.

  5. Jenny says:

    My precious mother-in-law had a collection of Hummels from their time spent overseas (military). She always put them away for Christmas so she could put her seasonal decorations out. One year when Kevin and I were first married…she THREW OUT all of her Hummels, into the TRASH, with wrapping from presents. (!!!!!!!!)

    As for being distracted by the snack table at HUG – I was too late to get any! And that was supposed to be my supper. WAAAAAAH!!!! LOL!

  6. seeker86 says:

    I have never heard of Hummels but they sure are cute!
    I loved hearing the stories of how you received each one. That is so neat that your Dad was part of history like that.

  7. Chrystal says:

    I remember helping to pick out the one for DS2. I like that one. It’s my favorite. I like the apple boy and girl too. These are the ones I think of when someone says Hummel. I love these figurines. Didn’t you aquire grandmas little monk figurines too? I’m not sure what they were, but they were so cute too.

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