Simple Woman’s Daybook

FOR TODAY September 15, 2008…

Outside My Window… It is very sunny with some big clouds in the distance. The birds are combing the yard for breakfast and I can see that I need to refill my feeders.

I am thinking… I’m so glad September is here with it’s clear blue days and friendlier temperatures. Having spent much of my childhood in the midwest, I miss those clear, blue skies.

I am thankful for… seasons. I love the changing of seasons, although this begins my favorite time of year. I thank God that He gives us audience to his brilliant and supernaturally creative work in the changing seasons.
I am also thankful for the many Christian friends that God has given me, who love me just as I am, and support & encourage me when I so need it.

From the learning rooms … I am stifling my groans when it comes time for Shurley Grammar. Bull, 12, loves to read and I have to keep him from devouring an entire history textbook and stick to the lesson at hand. It is BJU World Studies, in case you wanted to know what history text could so capture a young boy’s mind. Bear is gettin’ down and whittling away at his math drill time. Give that boy a clearly defined, measurable goal and he’s all over it!

From the kitchen… coffee and bacon. Who knows what else?

I am wearing… a hot pink tank and a faded blue denim skirt.

I am creating… I am back to work on a promised afghan for my nephew.

I am going… to piano lessons, taekwondo, and a revival meeting.

I am reading… the ever lovely Shurley English 7 Teacher’s Manual.

I am hoping… I am praying that I keep a sweet spirit w/my sons this week as we persevere with our new curriculum choices & rigorous schedule.

I am hearing… the flipping of pages and the pencil to paper sound.

Around the house… the usual maintenance housekeeping stuff today.

One of my favorite things… Greeting my husband at the door when he comes home from work. I have always loved this moment….just to see his face.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Revival!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing
Lego Ziggurat

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3 Responses to Simple Woman’s Daybook

  1. Elaine says:

    I’m trying to figure out if that is a medevil castle or a futuristic space station? Whichever it is someone did a great job in creating and building it.

    You’re ahead of me, I’m not dressed for the day yet nor have I woken up the kids…..I’m enjoying the quiet too much.

    Enjoy your quiet, Elaine!

    It’s the famous ziggurat from legoland. 😉

  2. buff says:

    i remember those days when my boys would play legos all day i still have some of them up in the closet. one year when in australia we went to a mall and there was the biggest lego collection i ever did see. very fasinating. here’s to a good week for you!!

    Thank you for the good cheer! I don’t think we’ll ever outgrow legos around here….at least it is hard to imagine life without legos. 😀

  3. Wendy says:

    Sheri, I’m so glad I tiptoed back downstairs for some computer time. Your Daybook entry was so encouraging to me. Tomorrow is going to be a great homeschool day!

    Thank you for coming by again, Wendy and it is a blessing to me that you found some encouragement here. I am looking forward to our homeschool day tomorrow, as well.

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