Twosey Tuesday

I like it fast and I like it simple… that is.

Two favorite, two ingredient recipes. yes, I am asking for recipes again

  • Whipping cream biscuits has whipping cream and self-rising flour.
  • Fruit Dip has vanilla pudding and 8 oz of cream cheese. (technically, that is probably 3 ingred) It’s my blog; I can cheat (and so can you, as long as it’s fast & simple).
  • What are your two favorite hymns. I have a hard time narrowing it down to just two. Some hymns I love the tune and some hymns I love the words. These I love both.

  • The Haven of Rest
  • Come Thou Fount
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    6 Responses to Twosey Tuesday

    1. tressays says:

      Oh, the fruit dip is my favorite simple recipe too. I don’t know about another one.
      My favorite hymns…that is tough..hmmm..probably How Firm A Foundation and O Sacred Head Now Wounded. Although it was hard to pick the second one because there are so many that I like.

      It’s hard to pick just two, isn’t it!

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    3. Elaine says:

      I posted mine at my blog here:

      I did mention that it is hard to think of two things I make that only have 2 ingredients, I thought it would be easy….not so.

      As for the hymns, I have trouble remembering the titles so it is possible that I have a line from the chorus and not the title on one of them. The other, well it is a favorite of many.

    4. Donna says:

      Neat questions. =) lol

      Hummmm, let’s see
      Tea -> water and tea leaves of some kind
      Coffee ->water and coffee grounds

      Gospel hymns:
      Amazing Grace
      I’ll Meet You In The Morning

      OH, “I’ll Meet You In The Morning” is a great 4-part song to sing – with a how-do-you do. I’ll be humming this the rest of the night. 😀

    5. seeker86 says:

      Basil and Rosemary are my two favorite ingredients

      How Great thou Art, Morning has Broken and Be Thou my Vision. (I know that is 3 but couldn’t decide) I also like Great is thy Faithfulness.

    6. Chrystal says:

      (1) Chips and Salsa—does it count if it’s all pre-made?
      (2) Spaghetti— a jar of sauce and a package of noodles! No beef needed!

      My favorite Hymn is Amazing Grace.


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