Twosey Tuesday #4

Two Things You Want Right Now…. no boundaries.
1-a Dairy Queen cone
2-an EdgeryDoo

Two Most Prominent Colors in your Home Decor… you can count the white walls and the wood furniture if you want to. I am only considering the rooms that I have redecorated and not the colors in the rooms that have been forced upon me. 😉
1-blue – some blue walls, some old blue furniture, lots of blue dishes
2-more blue … just kidding, I guess it would be yellow– some yellow walls, a bowl of lemons in the breakfast room, a vase of sunflowers in the dining room, plenty of yellow on 2 of the 3 bedroom quilts

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8 Responses to Twosey Tuesday #4

  1. appliejuice says:

    So, you like blue? Where is the red? You should have some red.

    OOoo, I want one of hose EdgeryDoo too, but I saw them under another name Skip-Stitch. I wonder if they are the same thing.

    You were hiding in my spam queue! I think b/c you posted a link. ?? Anyway, you’re where you belong now. 😀
    Actually, I have red here and there. Red goes very well with blue, yellow, and white. Plus, I have a fair share of patriotic stuff. Mostly though, I prefer to wear it!
    Now off to check the skip-stitch thingy.

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  3. Elaine says:

    OK, I’m finding the you and Beth R. are an awful lot like me, so much that it’s actually kinda scary!!

    I’ll go to my blog and do this as well. Check it out at:

  4. Donna says:

    I hope you get your dairy queen cone TODAY, and maybe tomorrow too! =) That edger thing looks nifty. Did you buy it yet? 😉 My house has a lot of blue in it too. =)

    No, I’ll be patient and put the edgerydoo on my Christmas wish list. Althooouugh, having one before hand would give me some great ideas for Christmas gifts! Hmmm….
    I will not be enjoying a DQ anytime soon. 😦 We don’t have a DQ close enough, but that doesn’t mean I can’t want it anyway!
    Donna, I hope you are not out too much in this horrid heat! Take Care out there!

  5. Melanie says:

    I want: a flawless command of the Latin language and a new set of size 0 double pointed knitting needles

    Colors: Red and yellow

  6. Bobbie says:

    Two things I want right now:
    1. A digital camera – well, any camera, I don’t have one, the one we have broke 2 years ago and hubby is determined to get it fixed but, hasn’t.
    2. A kitchen Aid mixer – I really love those things. lol

    Two most prominent colors in my house


    And more white.

    But, my bedroom is red.

  7. seeker86 says:

    The EdgeryDo looks neat. Before I clicked on the link I thought you wanted an Austrailian musical instrument.LOL


  8. Donna says:

    Hi Sheri, today was a nice 84 when I had to be outside. But I have been going out in the garden in the heat. I have to. =) It’s not hideous and I can come inside if I need to.

    You could get one edgerydo thing and try it out by making a Christmas gift… yeah… that’s the ticket. :mrgreen:

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