Twosey Tuesday

Some of my evenings are very quiet. Up until now, this evening has not been particularly so. We had chocolate ice cream, peanuts, and Reddi-Whip for dinner (I really wanted popcorn, but didn’t have any) and then went for a swim and watered the garden. Now, it is fixin’ to be quiet…..aaahhhhh!
In my inbox there is one of those emails. You know the ones; the fill in the blank space with your favorite book, flower, sappy childhood memory….yeah, I knew you knew what I was talking about.
So, guess what….I want to play one b/c it is really too quiet around here. I’ve named it Twosey b/c there are TWO questions. I’ve named it Twosey Tuesday b/c I want to do this next Tuesday, too. Oh I know! I feel your enthusiasm and glee!

Join me?

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now

  • blue flowered shorts that I bought in Sandestin at least a dozen years ago
  • cheap white t-shirt with glittery flip flops across the front
  • Two Things You Did Last Night and remember this is a family show

  • I hate to admit it, but I went to WalMart
  • wrote a devotional for the August Secret Sisters fellowship
  • See, Easy Peasey Twosey Tuesday.

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    7 Responses to Twosey Tuesday

    1. Tresses says:

      I joined you in my blog. 😀 Two questions, I can handle! 😉

      “Two questions, I can handle” LOL, I thought the same thing!
      I’ll be right over.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Oh man, it is Wednesday but, I can answer here and play along next Tuesday.

      Two things I am wearing.
      Blue Crocs and my wedding ring. lol

      Two things I did last night.
      Watched the first part of the finale of Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen. It was really good by the way. I can’t wait to find out the winner next week.

      Told Ghost stories with Mikayla and Stacey. They were “camping” in their bedroom. And the ghost stories actually had nothing to do with ghosts. They were about giraffes?? I was just holding the flashlight. 😆

      Aww, giraffe stories. 😀

    3. Wearing …

      1. hot pink shirt
      2. Shorts

      Did last night…

      1. let a friend cry on my shoulder
      2. ate pie

    4. joyfulprayz says:

      Chocolate ice cream for dinner??? I LOVE IT!!!!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. Yours is great!

      Thank you too, Joyful

    5. Donna says:

      Wrote a devotional, eh? That’s awesome!! =)

      I can play here if that is okay.

      blue plaid flannel lounge pants
      blue top

      Did last night:
      Drank water
      Watched news

    6. Melanie says:

      ‘Kay, I’ll play:

      Wearing: glasses and a handknit shawl

      Last night: cooked pancakes and looked for my wedding rings

      I wish I had written a devotional instead – that’s much cooler. 🙂

    7. Elaine says:

      Since it’s Thursday I’ll wait until next Tuesday to play along. Sounds like fun though 😀

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