I won something

At the recent MHEA homeschool convention here in lovely Memphis, I dropped my name in a few drawings. That is what you do at conventions, right? From the Veritas Classical Schools, I won Get Organized by Ron Fry from his How To Study Series of books. I flipped through it and it looks pretty handy. Some of you know that this is the homeschooling option that I’ve been struggling with lately. Do you think the drawing was rigged? 😉

Another interesting piece came in the mail today, too. Apparently, Rod & Staff Publishers owed us money and they desired to clear their credit. So, they sent the credit in form of postage stamps; which is certainly fine by me. I received one, one cent stamp. Gotta love Rod & Staff!

As an aside, we saw Kung Fu Panda this evening. Very cute. I am actually getting the best entertainment after the show, as my boys Kung Fu through the house in between giggles and the one-liners. Just watch out for the tenders, boys.

Oh, and “no charge for awesomeness”. can’t wait to use that one on my husband 😉

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4 Responses to I won something

  1. That was my favorite line too.

    “No charge for awesomeness or good looks”


  2. Melanie says:

    Congrats on your prize and the stamp!

    The dream sequence was my favorite part of the movie. And now “There is no charge for awesomeness” and “Skidoosh” are heard frequently during MarioKart races. I’m so glad we went to see it – it almost made up for the huge disappointment I suffered while watching Indiana Jones 4.

    Love the “Skidoosh” 😀

  3. Chrystal says:

    “no charge for awesomeness” I love it!
    We still havent seen this movie. All of us want to seeit. Movie prices are just outrageous these days! After this weekend we should have some time for fun stuff. I just have to get this essay done first. Come on Monday!
    Congrats on your new prize. The only thing I remember winning was the Gameboy drawing at the commissary. Remember that? Good times!

  4. Tresses says:

    Congrats on the prize!

    My youngest is still practicing his…erm…”Kung Fu”…if you wann call it that. He usually does it by himself with wild swings and spins. I’m waiting for him to hit himself. 😆

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