Four Things Meme

Tagged by Ginger. She called me interesting. Thanks for giving me something to blog and get BHO outta my top post slot.

**Four things I was doing 10 years ago….** 1998
1. In the process of moving to Germany – so a gazillion things were happening.
2. I was 6-7 months pregnant with my youngest. It was a doozie of a pregnancy.
3. Flew an 8 hour transatlantic aboard a packed flight and they were stingy with the water. I think I bloated up to twice my normal size.
4. My daughter was driving us insane. Because I love her and wouldn’t want to embarrass her here, no details are forth-coming.

**Four things I was doing 5 years ago….** 2003
Why is this one so much more difficult than then 10 year one? Oh b/c I am horrible with numbers, dates? Or maybe I just have fuzzy thinking from drinking fluorinated water.
1. Living the northern VA rat race.
2. Found a wonderful church where my christian walk with God really took off.
3. Probably sitting on a Little League bleacher.
4. Bought a new Toyota Corolla this year – a most sensible car and we are such sensible folk.

** Four things I am doing this year….** 2008
1. Switching our homeschool plans to a more traditional method (gasp!) with a twist (BJU HomeSat) b/c I need a break.
2. Taking voice lessons – lalalalaaaaah
3. Co-teaching Sunday School (teen girls – yikes!)
4. Crocheting – I list this as this year even though I’ve been doing it for more than a year. My current big project is a Flannelghan in black and red.

**Four things I did yesterday….** 5/28/08
1. Spent $300 at Kohl’s … yes, we needed every item and I got a ton of clothes for us.
2. Spent $300 at Costco … yes, we needed every item…except maybe those 2 big vibrant beach towels.
3. Went to Wednesday night church and taught my next-to-last King’s Kids class. Watched a dear friend and co-laborer counsel a 6th grade girl as to why it isn’t acceptable to slap someone just b/c you think they are talking about you.
4. Filled my bird feeders. Thistle for my finches has been hard to find lately….i dunno why. They are happy and I am happy to see them flittering about.

**Four shows I like….***
1. CSI Miami – don’t ask me why I like this b/c I can’t explain it.
2. Food Network – we get to watch this when on vacation or visiting someone with all those fancy schmancy channels.
3. all the StarTreks – well, except DS9
4. I loved Designing Women – remember that one from the 80s?

**Four biggest joys of the moment….**
1. God and His protection is an amazing thing to me and I wonder how I can feel insecure or unsafe in this world when I have seen His hedge at work around me.
2. DH and I will be celebrating our 18th anniversary at the end of the summer. He is a joy and a source of joy to me. ‘Stand by your man’ like the country song says.
3. Growing children. Growing physically and growing spiritually.
4. Teaching – homeschooling, youth group, Sunday school.

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  1. seeker86 says:

    I think you are interesting too. I love seeing your latest crochet projects. I am trying to make a bath mitt right now but it looks a little too skinny on top.

  2. appliejuice says:

    You are interesting. 🙂 I like your list. 😀 That’s a purdy blanket. What color are you making it?

    Thanks Applie. I am making it red and black for my nephew’s college colors. It is his graduation gift, even though he won’t get it until late summer when he heads off to college.

  3. appliejuice says:

    Cool. What yarn are you using? Got pics?

    I chose the everlasting RHSS yarn. Perfect for a college dorm room! I’ll get some pics for ya, although it is just in strips right now.

  4. Donna says:

    This was nice reading about things about you. =) I concur with the others that you are interesting.

  5. Elaine says:

    A very interesting person you are indeed… was that for a twisted sentence? 😕

    I’ve been tagged for this and I really need to do it. Maybe later today when I need a break.

  6. Chrystal says:


  7. heathertopia says:

    I too think you are interesting 😀 !!

    I need to post me meme too 😀

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