Out with the old….

Out with the old hot water heater
old tank
In with the new hot water heater
new tank

Out with the old backyard – this is sooo much better, ya think?
plowed backyard

Fix the broken gas line
broken gas line

….still waiting for the new

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9 Responses to Out with the old….

  1. Donna says:

    Hey that looks just like our water heater! =)

    That is a nice big garden you have there Sheri. When are ya planting? 8)

    Whoops on the gas line.

  2. I’m happy for you that you got that new water heater, but my, my, that yard…. hope you can get it put back together, soon.


  3. Elaine says:

    I tried to post last night but WP had problems and wound up doing maintenance till almost 9:30 my time.

    Glad you got your water heater taken care of we need to do something similar one of these days.

    Sorry about the gas line, hope that’s taken care of soon as well.

    Happy Mother’s Day my friend!

  4. Bobbie says:

    Yikes on the gas line.

    Cool on the new water heater.

    Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

  5. celticmuse says:

    I love the new water heater, it looks great! The yard looks scary, hope the gas line gets fixed quickly. Happy Mother’s Day

  6. Nice new Hot water heater. We had to replace the HWH in our house in Alaska….it had a meltdown on us and we had water EVERYWHERE!

    So, will you be planting a garden in that area now?
    Sorry about the gas line, that doesn’t sound pretty!

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  7. appliejuice says:

    Ooooo shiney new water heater. Nice!!

    Love the big yard. I don’t see anything growing in it.

  8. Tresses says:

    That’s quite a yard! And scary gas line…ka-BOOM! Does that mean you were without gas to your house?

    Made us real nervous when we smelled the propane! That line goes to the heating & air unit on that end of the house. It is a good (relatively speaking) time of year for something like this to happen as we’re not using either! We lost about 10% of our propane though b/c it happened while we were running a marathon of errands.

  9. Chrystal says:

    Looks like dad did a nice job putting the new water heater in. What is up with the backyard though? Are you planting back there or putting sod down or what? Is this going to be another Florida project? Where we plan to lay sod…for 4 years? I hope not… LOL.

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