Curric Plans – year, the next one

Lisa is burning & Applie is stinkin’ & Michielle is thoughtful, too.

I am “sinking”. What am I “sinking” about?

I’ve been busy, busy, busy (read, totally preoccupied) with researching, reviewing, and entering deep trance-like thought as I choose curricula for our next cycle. We’re year-rounders, although we do take a longer than usual summer break and come around August, I like to start some things fresh. Something fresh in the midst of a Memphis August is — well, refreshing.

7th Grade Boy – (7th grade – wow, when did that happen!)
BJU Bible Truths 7
BJU English & Literature 7
BJU Science 7
BJU Heritage Studies 6 with his brother (6th b/c we are ready to start our 4 year history cycle again and this is the closest level that covers Ancient Hx)
Sequential Spelling – hopefully last year of this
Introductory Logic – might/probably wait until next year
Drawing Basics with Thomas Kinkade – for fun on Fridays
Taekwondo – 4 classes/wk
Piano – weekly lessons/daily practice
??? Rosetta Stone Spanish I or continue, uh-uh-uh, restart, Latin

(English, Science, and possibly Heritage Studies will be via HomeSat)

5th Grade Boy
BJU Bible Truths 5
BJU English 5
BJU Science 5 or something else from Apologia
BJU Heritage Studies 6 with his brother
Drawing Basics with Thomas K – fun Fridays
Italic Handwriting
Spelling – ??? probably stick with CLP’s Building Spelling Skills
Taekwondo – 4 classes/wk
Piano – weekly lessons, daily practice

This Summer:
Lapbook on the Declaration of Independence that we never got to – from HOAC
something for Writing for big boy – any suggestions?
MindBenders for both boys
God’s Design for Machines & Motion – (already started, finish in Aug)
Art with Donna Young’s Drawing Ia Lessons
Piano – until end of July – then August break

Now, what will throw a wrench in the whole thing? Tapestry of Grace, a very big wrench!

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7 Responses to Curric Plans – year, the next one

  1. celticmuse says:

    Yep, we are working on next year as well, I did post at

    what we liked and what we didn’t this year. I have yet to post much more. I’m supposed to be studying for finals you know.

  2. appliejuice says:

    That looks good. We did the Italic Handwriting until we got to the cursive. There were some letters in there that got my son all mixed up and we dropped it. It is a really pretty handwriting and I wish we had kept at it, but sometimes we have to let things go. LOL

    We also did Donna’s drawings and liked it a lot. I will probably pick it back up in a couple of years for the younger two. 🙂

    As for the rest of your stuff, we have nothing in common. LOL

    I am hoping that my son’s teacher is going to use BJU world history.

  3. Donna says:

    It looks good. I didn’t care for CLP’s 5th grade spelling because it was names of countries and other things. It didn’t seem like a spelling course, just a lot of memorizing of words like Paraguayan, Asuncion, and Gemini. John started it, but I don’t think we used it very far into the book. I moved him back into natural speller. The prior year, grade 4, he used CLP and I liked that one, it was a real spelling course.

    I really like BJU. Did you decide if you are going to use the satellite?

  4. Sheri says:

    My oldest has stuck with the Italic Handwriting and he has some nice and very clear handwriting. The youngest one…not so much, but I have yet to see consistent effort on his part.

    I am really leaning toward the HomeSat. I feel that I need to have some extra time available and that will help (I hope!) TOG will certainly not be a time saver, but what a beautiful thing it is.

    I haven’t liked any spelling program that we’ve tried and we’ve tried numerous programs. 😦 Sequential Spelling works well for my oldest, which is ironic, because I bought it for my youngest. lol

  5. celticmuse says:

    Oh I forgot to tell you thank you for posting that you are working this summer. It will help with my boys since we need to play catchup this summer. I showed Noah and he smiled. So you can use that for motivation for your boys~ “you are not alone, there are other boys doing school this summer” 😉

    I think it sounds good. I hope you have fun.

  6. Sheri says:

    LOL, you are welcome Michielle! My boys think it is perfectly normal to continue through the summer. bwahahaha

  7. Chrystal says:

    MOM! 7th grade? Already? 😦
    That’s like Jr. High ish.
    WOW. I still see him as my little brother. Running around in diapers eating cheerios and juice from a sippy cup watching Blues Clues!

    Oh! I know!

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