How’s your weather?

We’re having a typical mid-south spring weather day: mild temperatures of upper 70s, windy, a touch of humidity, and the seemingly ever-present severe thunderstorm alert. The current & ongoing flood situation and recent tornado here in the Memphis area, sparked an interest in meterology in general and storms in particular in both boys. We found these short videos from The Weather Channel called Tornado Minute. I didn’t know a green sky was a warning sign of hail and possible tornados. Growing up in Kansas, we watched for tornados on a fairly frequent basis and I don’t recall any green skies, although the atmosphere did take on a unique freakishness. Maybe I just missed that big GREEN clue during the excitment of spotting funnel clouds. 😉 Anyway, Tornado Minutes are short and informative….great fodder for hungry minds.

And now I leave you with this — just because it is pretty and very much unlike our weather today.

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  1. Donna says:

    Hello Sheri!
    I thought about you when I saw all of those storms moving through that part of the USA. Our weather was nice today, but we might get some rain tomorrow.

    Being a native of this lovely state, I knew about the green skies and have seen them several times during tempestuous spring-time weather. It’s eerie. I must say though that I have seen green skies when no tornadoes showed. Also we have tornadoes without the green sky. I am just as or more concerned when I see evidence of strong wind that is moving across the ground along with a dark front moving in.

    I was sitting at a red light once a few years ago and a big box flip-flopped across the 3-lane intersection while the light was red. Then I looked up and saw a lot of small pointy funnel clouds hanging down from a dark front (like a dark cow with 20 udders lol). That produced a small tornado around 3-4 miles from my current location in town.

    The green sky is a scientific mystery. I hope you get to see one without a tornado. It is pretty and odd at the same time.

  2. Elaine says:

    I think I’ll take my weather here to your storms. I have no desire to experience a tornado out side of Twister.

    I loved the video clip, makes me long for the beach.

  3. Chrystal says:

    We are going through a big storm right now. Be prepared…most likely it will come your way as well since you always seem to get our bad weather.
    It was quite nice yesterday and we had a tornado touch down in the south part of town. The damage is not to bad and only one minor injury thankfully.
    We go from a bad, harsh icy cold winter to spring “downpours” and flooding, to humidity, hotness, and drought during the summer. Fall is the official tornado season they say, but during spring and summer we have severe thunderstorm warnings and our tornado sires go off on a weekly basis.
    I LOVE KANSAS WEATHER!!! It’s so much fun!!! 🙂
    *No, I didn’t hear the sirens tonight although everyone else in town did. Does that say anything about the noise level in my house???* 😉

  4. Bobbie says:

    Our weather has been typical spring here. Nice and sunny one minute raining the next.

    I had heard about the green skies before a tornado. So, anytime I think the sky is green I panic. Although the closes tornado to us was in Xenia, but, that is still to close and very scary for me.

  5. Hi Sheri
    We had your weather a little later in the night here near Nashville. I am a Tennessee native, and I find it interesting how the weather patterns have changed for our state in the past 30 years or so. A tornado was a very unusual happening at that time. In fact, this county never experienced a tornado that I am aware of until the 1990’s. I was aware of the green sky phenomenon, we’ve seen it. And seen hail come down so hard that it appeared to be popping up from the ground!


  6. appliejuice says:

    Oooooo that is purdy!

  7. FourHisGlory says:

    My little meterologist kept me updated on everything that was going on yesterday second by second. She lives on the weather channel.

  8. praisesinger says:

    Thank you for the nice comment on my blog! 🙂 You’re so sweet. HUGS

  9. celticmuse says:

    Should I be like CC? and SMACK you? one word: COLD

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