another judge gone mad over homeschooling

The article in it’s entirety: Mom threatened with jail for teaching kids at home by Bob Unruh from World Net Daily. Funny thing, I can’t find this article anywhere else; no FOX version, no AP perversion….nothing.

“A homeschooling mom in Utah has been ordered by a judge to enroll her children in a public school district within 24 hours, and have them in class tomorrow, all because of a paperwork glitch that very well could be the fault of the district.”

The first part of the article deals with this case in Utah, the second part deals more with the homeschooling problems in Germany.

There is obviously more to this story: “clash among children”, no mention of the children’s father, but does that matter? She was in court to have charges dismissed & ends up with this? For not having the school district’s paperwork? Something is fishy here and it smells like a rat in a black gown. This is not an educational neglect case, so why are the children ordered into the public school? (not that it would help, IMO, if that were indeed the case) This judge is ruling through his personal prejudices and ignoring basic parental liberty. Why isn’t the ACLU, self-proclaimed protectorate of all personal freedoms, jumping up and down on the civil rights infringement here? Oh that’s right, this homeschooling family chooses to homeschool to shield their children from the public school’s worldview; which the ACLU believes in as well. Why not a peep from MSM about this violation of human rights? Oh, that’s right, these parents already have the right & responsibility to educate their own, despite MSM’s best propaganda and they don’t want people to figure that out. Soviet States of Amerika, anyone?

Passing along the information to my homeschooling community is the least I could do for this woman, this family. Please keep them in your prayers.

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3 Responses to another judge gone mad over homeschooling

  1. Your not a little hot and bothered about this are you? giggle…

    I haven’t read the article yet, but I wonder if she has called HSLDA

    Oh yes, I be a wee bit bothered by this here judicial sludge. Aargh! ~S

  2. Elaine says:

    I hadn’t heard anything about this, Sheri. That is just horrible and you are quite right that this sounds like judicial legislation.

    Now my hackles are rising. 😈

  3. Donna says:

    That’s insane! Threatening to take her kids away sounds like extortion. 😦

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