Homemade Christmas Update

Well, I finally took an acceptable photograph of two of the Christmas gifts I’ve been working on this past month. I obviously should have put the darker hangers closer to the light source.

Neither of these projects took very long individually, but it takes me a while to get things like this finished. Most of the crocheting was done ‘on the road’ during various basketball practices or taekwondo classes. These really are great take-along projects: small, no-brainer crocheting…perfect!

I’m quite satisfied with both of these projects, which is unusual for me…..I usually don’t like what I make.

There ya have it. candycane.gif

Here is the link to the post-it note tutorial.

And here is a link to my original post w/the crochet directions.

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13 Responses to Homemade Christmas Update

  1. appliejuice says:

    Oooo, very nice. I forgot all about the note stand thingie. I love that idea. 🙂 So… which one of those goodies will I be getting in the mail soon? LOL

    Uh, uumm, ummm…. 😕

  2. Elaine says:

    Your hangers are great! Do you crochet right onto the hanger or do your sew your crochet piece to the hanger?

    I would love to know just how you made the notepad thingies! A former pastor’s wife gave something similar out to church boardmembers as a Christmas dinner favor. I’d love to know how to make these as they don’t look too difficult. 😉 hint hint

    I need to get to crocheting a couple of gifts that I want to make to give to my pastor’s wife (our children’s pastor) and to the mother of a young lady (a friend of my son’s) that we give a ride home from church on Wednesdays.

    Elaine, I’ll come back and add the link I used to my post. No, they are not difficult…which is exactly why they appealed to me!
    I crochet the cover first then sew it on. Basically, chain 7, then HDC until you get about 35″ to fit around your hanger. Easy Peasy! 😀 ~S

  3. Donna says:

    Sheri those are nice gifts. I like them! I especially like the hangers. 🙂

    Thanks! Hubby has already snagged a couple that I had stashed. 😮 ~S

  4. tressays says:

    Those are very nice presents! I really like the hangers. You did a very nice job on them. The recipients will love them!

    Thank you Tressa 🙂 ~S

  5. Chrystal says:

    I like the purple ones. They are very pretty. Good job momma.

    Thanks, I love that color, too.

  6. Chrystal says:

    How do you get your comments to come up like that? It looks more “tidy” when you have your comments right under ours instead of making a new comment.

    Its a secret that only qualified geeks know. 😉

  7. Sheri says:

    Ok, OK…. I almost heard that groan….
    when you moderate a comment, use the edit feature before you approve the comment.

  8. gingerporter says:

    Sheri…those are wonderful!! How do you make the notepads…? I love those….I am going to have to make those for next year…..:-)

    You simply chain 7, half double crochet until you reach 35″ then sew it onto the hangar…..that simple?

    Thanks Ginger, yes, the hangers are that simple….add some ribbon or crochet a bow and Ta-Da! ~S

  9. Tresses says:

    Sheri, the hangers are lovely! 🙂 The post-it note stands are more my skill level, though. 😉 Hmmmm….might be able to make a few before Christmas. Thanks for posting the link!

    You’re welcome 🙂

  10. appliejuice says:

    I HAVE to ask, do people really like those crocheted hangers? Do they actually use them?

    Wellll, I’m hoping they do, since I’m giving them as gifts. I have 2 crocheted hangers made by my grandmother many decades ago and I love them. They are the old heavy duty wire hangers, so adding the crocheted covering not only makes them pretty, it softens the corners a bit. I have found that my clothes don’t slip off the crocheted hangers, so there is some practical value. I made a couple of them earlier this year and hubby and I ‘fight’ over them. 😉
    My youngest has asked for one specifically for his taekwondo uniform. I hope I can find a miniature black belt to use as a ribbon tie.

  11. appliejuice says:

    I am going to make a few for my girls. 😀 Thanks, Sheri!

    You’re welcome ~S

  12. Elaine says:

    I wonder how those crochet hangers would work up using the wooden hangers?

    Hubby has a very heavy coat that he takes back and forth to work. When he’s home he needs a strong hanger to hold it.

    You know Elaine, I really don’t know. I think it would be nice, but it might take some tweaking, especially if the hanger isn’t the same diameter all the way around. Sometimes they are thicker over the shoulders. It certainly doesn’t need to be a perfect fit either; as long as your work will fit around it. On the black varigated hangers, I used regular Red Heart from Walmart. It worked up much thicker than the red or the lavender ones and those were a softer Caron yarn. ~S

  13. Elaine says:

    Applie was wondering about those post-it notes and Heather gave the link. I’m thinking that these would be fun to make and not very difficult. I’m going to visit the links you provided for both, print them out and attempt to make them this year. I think that I’ll just use the plastic hangers as you have and perhaps use larger post-its.

    I guess I should thank Applie for bringing this up 🙄 and Heather for remembering 🙂

    So what are you making for this year’s gifts?

    They are both easy projects. I’m making some more hangers again, this year, but I crocheted some flowers and squiggly bows for around the neck of the hanger.

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