Do you use placemats?

I have recently, as of last night, discovered that I have a placemat compulsion. While organizing my breakfast room buffet drawers, I pulled out all my linens. They were in utter disarray & there were non-linen items hiding between the layers. Well, take that deep sigh of relief I know you are holding in, because they are all lined up in order & in their little places. I also discovered that I have 14 sets of placemats. 14 sets!! *shaking my head in embarrassment*. Ladies, that doesn’t even count the educational & cartoon kiddie places mats.

How can this be? I do not obsess over table decorations (much). I don’t do napkin rings! Only 2 sets of the placemats have matching cloth napkins (the last 2 sets I’ve purchased) Hmmm, maybe I am just progressing? What if napkin rings are next? surprised.gif

Yes, I must admit, I am a Compulsive Procurer of Placemats.

Drawer #1 ~ Christmas Ivory mats, Fun Summer mats, Yellow anytime mats (there are more hiding underneath)

Drawer #2 ~ Every day yellow, blue, neutral & kiddie mats

Drawer #3 ~ Ah, the apple mats and the not-so-every day mats

My Favorite

You know, I think I have actually saved a lot of money with my placemats, given the bargain hunter at heart that I am. Placemats are fairly inexpensive when compared to tablecloths. They certainly allow the beauty of a wooden table to show through and give a much more casual feel than tablecloths per se. No doubt, placemats have saved my tables from many a wet spill or forgotten smudge.

Did you know…. talking_secret.gif

    You can make a runner of end-to-end placemats with a few stitches on your sewing machine?
    You can sew two placemats together and create a unique pillow?
    You can use lacey or crocheted placemats as lovely arm covers on your sofa?

I think I need more RED ones. No wait, I need some round ones.

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9 Responses to Do you use placemats?

  1. Donna says:

    That’s a lot of placemats! 🙂 I like your rooster placemat, that is nice! The apple ones look familiar, I think I saw those in a store in the past.
    My placemats are homemade from scraps of floral, checked, and plaid fabric, they match nothing, yet everything, it is weird.

  2. I don’t do placemats.

  3. Chrystal says:

    The apple placemats, the crocheted placemats on the sofa armrest??? Those are memories of home for me.
    I can’t believe you still have those apple placemats. Those are from the WY days aren’t they?
    I like the rooster ones, they are pretty cute.
    Didn’t you buy some yellow and blue ones when we went shopping at Kohls? Those were pretty.
    I do think you are OCDish on your 14 sets though. And your organization of them. I love it!

    those were dishtowels & potholders 🙂

  4. gingerporter says:

    I see nothing wrong with your placemat um fetish…I mean collection. I especially like the blue and yellow. They would go nicely in my kitchen…:-)

    I suspect about half my house would go well with your kitchen! 😆 ~S

  5. Elaine says:

    Your collection is wonderful but what I really am envious of is the buffet that you store them in – that’s what I want but I don’t even have the room for it.

  6. Bobbie says:

    I love your placemats. I have about the same amount as you. But, don’t tell my hubby. I keep them hid. I even try to make table runners to match them. The fun table runner was the snoopy one. I even have ones shaped in triangles for the food pyramid and it has all the info on it. I think those are most weird or unusual ones. lol

  7. Donna says:

    If I am ever on that end of the state, I want to look at your placemats and other housey things. The more I see of you in this blog, the more you remind me of my sisters and mom. 🙂

    Well, git yourself on this end of the state…..that would be so much fun! ~S

  8. appliejuice says:

    You’re weird. Glad I got that off my chest. LOL

    Your placemats are lovely. I like the rooster one. I have some placemats. I rarely use them. The plastic ones, get folded and cracked within a day. The cloth ones have to be washed daily and because they are cotton they wrinkle too much. I hate to iron and I never can get them as nice as they were when I bought them.

    Yes, you really do need some red ones. 😀

    Why Thank You!

    You are right though – they never look quite the same after washing. I spot clean them as long as possible and some of them have never been put through the washing machine….like my Christmas ones. ~S

  9. Jen says:

    Due to boys that make huge, sticky messes, I do not use placemats! I love how they look, but no time to maintain!

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