My friend Elaine regularly posts news stories that she finds fascinating, interesting, informative, or just plain worth passing on. She is a confessed news junkie. One of my igoogle tabs is dedicated to news organizations that I deem worthy of my attention 😉 , but I am selective about the types of news that I read, the sources I read from, and how much I expose myself to on a regular basis. Jay Leno does Headlines on Monday nights, I believe. Sometimes this is all the news I can handle. The Patriot Post has a small section near the bottom of their email newsletter that mocks the media’s grammar & semantics. I generally agree with their comments and get a great deal of enjoyment from them. Because I am on somewhat of a news rant….here are a few online headlines that caught my eye.

Clinton library gets ‘green’ roof (AP) — Yeah, with our $$greenbacks$$.

Does Hillary Have the Dirt on Barack? (FOX) — Maybe? Anyone that has been near Hillary has dirt on them.

Ailing Economy Needs Steady, Experienced Hand (Me), Clinton Says (AP) — I hear experienced thieves have hands steadier than a neurosurgeon.

Edwards Blames Lobbyists For Fossil Fuel Addiction (FOX) — Of course, our personal greed and egocentricity has nothing whatsoever to do with it. Its somebody else’s fault!! I demand a gas voucher……my Cadillac Escalade is almost empty! *

Obama: Don’t ‘swift boat’ me (politico.com) — then don’t say things like “just air raiding villages and killing civilians” What a noobie.

Electronics ‘recycled in the most horrific way’ (CNN) — Electronics? ElectRONICS? ELECTRONICS? Oh horror of horrors. ROFL!

Vote for your favorite CNN Hero (CNN) — uuhhh, yeah, sure, I’ll get back with ya on that one…… Could somebody bring me a bucket?

Oh, I noticed a new trick. They’ve probably been doing it all along, but sometimes I’m not quite so attentive while perusing the news. The RSS feeds or widget versions will give you what appears to be the headline, but it really is just an attention-getter. When you click to the article the actual headline is toned down in attitude a bit. This is not always so, but seems to be the current thing to do.

Who needs the rest of the story when we have such wonderfully entertaining HEADLINES!

*for the record, we do not own a Cadillac Escalade….we own a gas-guzzling Corolla.

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3 Responses to Headlines

  1. Chrystal says:

    Gas Guzzling Corolla huh? Hahahahaha!
    Kinda like my gas guzzling Taurus!
    Your such a republican mom, picking on the democrats. Always a good time.
    I love the new colors BTW! They look great.

  2. Donna says:

    “Anyone that has been near Hillary has dirt on them.” ROTFL!!

  3. Elaine says:

    Can’t say that I disagree w/what you’ve said here.

    I’m disappointed….I thought all retired Navy families and police officers had caddies. You just blew my image of you. 😆

    The Navy may prefer to drive ‘big boats’, but the Air Force prefers something a little more streamlined! hahaha White Crown Victorias are the thing down here. Surely they can’t all be police! ~S

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