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I feel like I have something to prove. lmfao.gif

I scored low in the sci-fi area of the nerd test. Apparently, I am quite bothered by this. I watch & like Star Trek, man….ALL of them from TOS to Enterprise….well, except DS9. I love Star Wars and have, since the first movie came out in May of 1977. My best buds by the dozen and I would load up in somebody’s pickup truck & head to the drive-in theater. We did this many weekends throughout the summer & the following summer, if memory serves me correctly. Yes, we rode around IN the bed of the truck, probably in lawn chairs and have lived to tell of it. (must be careful, my redneck might show and rednecks are most definitely not geeky)

I loved the part of the quiz that said ‘you can obtain a ________ in 15 seconds or less’. I scored very well here….homeschooling is inherently nerdy & we are generally well-equipped nerds. BUT! you need to KNOW that within a minute or two, I can also obtain:

  • a die-cast replica of the Enterprise NCC-1701
  • Star Wars novels galore
  • an original w/the box Mac 512k Enhanced or a Mac Classic
  • 30 or 40 so ST/SW Christmas decorations (yes, enough to do an entire tree)
  • DVDs of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Fantastic Four, ad nauseam
  • an audiobook of the original radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds (OK, I really don’t like this one and I thought the Spielberg/Cruise movie was revolting)
  • I know the difference between the Green Hornet and Green Lantern. (impressive -eh?)
    I do not carry pens & mechanical pencils in my pocket, but I carry them in my purse – in their own zippered pouch, along with a SwissCard.
    Oh, what color of lightsaber would you like to play with? Red, blue, green, or would you like to construct your own lightsaber by inserting your own crystal? lightsabersmiley.gif

    Now, about that embarrassingly low computer/tech score….I’m workin’ it baby, I’m workin’ it. I blog in code, not visual. What else can I say?

    Well, after looking over this, I realize that I must give due credit to my husband for his geeky influence in my life. I would never have purchased The War of The Worlds audiobook & I don’t read science fiction. I do not like reading books where I cannot pronounce the names of people, places, or things. Sure, I will see almost any superhero movie, but I don’t nor will I ever, do comic books.

    So There.

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    6 Responses to Sci-Fi Stuff

    1. gingerporter says:

      Ah Honey, You don’t have anything to prove…We know you are geeky…oops..I mean Geeky. Your list of ST stuff sounds like ours….How cool!!! 🙂

      😆 but its so fun! ~S

    2. Elaine says:

      I own most of the ST books that have been put out but due to lack of bookcases, and wall space to put them, they are in boxes under the house so I can’t get to them.

      We don’t have but 2-3 ST or SW ornaments for our tree – never got into that aspect. 🙄 I can tell you what is coming next on just about every TOS episode and know most of the NGT ones as well. I own all the ST movies and have watched most multiple times (also have the first 5-6 movies on video and IV is pretty well watched, almost to the point of being warped. 😆 I’m not fond of the Original movie, Wrath of Khan, or Nemisis.

      I agree w/Ginger, we don’t need to prove anything we just need to be ourselves. Anyway how many of the Nerds/Geeks out there actually teach their own children? 😕

    3. Tresses says:

      😆 Sheri, I knew I liked you for many a good reason! 😉

      Elaine – I am SHOCKED – Wrath of Khan was the best of the TOS movies!

      BTW, there’s a ST thread going on at LHC. My reply is here: After I posted, a long time member and friend there PMed me with a copy of the pic I mention in the post. 😯 😆 (There’s a good reminder in that: any pic you post anywhere can be right-clicked by anyone.)

    4. Sheri says:

      Beth, that is funny. The power of the right-click!

      You SAT in Scottie’s lap? Now I’m sure there are many stories from that week! 😉

    5. Elaine says:

      I lost my bookmark for LHC and my password so I’ll have to log in on the laptop to see that pictures. Yeah I had saved a couple of picts from the forum, Kelley’s ARDL for one, on the desktop but lost it as well as other pics when I had the crash. 😥

      I never liked the TOS episode where Khan is introduced. I also never liked the episode with the strange guy who had ears that reminded me of cauliflor (I don’t know why when they were only huge ears!!). Other wise I love just about everyone of the TOS episodes just some more than others. The Tribbles and Mudd are among my favorites.

    6. Chrystal says:

      Mom, you rule! There was nothing better than watching ST with my super Geeky, I mean COOL parents. After all, I still think Capt. Picard is the best looking bald man in showbiz. There was nothing better than spending an entire weekend with my dad playing Star Wars on the Nintendo, when we were suppose to be doing housework. We rocked at that game BTW. I am so impressed you know the difference between the Green Hornet and the Green Lantern. Your comic book movies are starting to look like ours. We have just about all of them, including the cartoons and some from the old cartoons like Justice League. So, you do more of the Sci-Fi stuff, and we do more of the Comic Book stuff. What a Great Geeky Family we are! I shall buy you a new ornament for your tree this year. Maybe Spiderman to add some Comic Book flair to your Sci-Fi decorations. Darth Vadar and Spiderman on the same tree is AWESOME in my book! Gosh I love YOU!

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