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I must admit that I never fully appreciated the significance of capital vs. small “g”. How could I not see this? It is so obvious & one of the foundational truths of geekness! I have one complaint about the test…as a worthy geek should of any test….comics! What is with the comics? Comics and small “g” must go hand in hand. I am pretty sure I lost major geek points with comics and superheroes.

Hello, my name is Sheri and I’m a Kinda Dorky History/Lit Geek….notice that is with a capital G, please. nerdy.gif

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4 Responses to As Ginger Said…

  1. Chrystal says:

    Us geeks need to unite. You can teach me about your geeky knowledge of History and Lit and I can teach you about Sci-Fi and Comics. We would be quite nerdy I think.
    I have the coolest family!

  2. gingerporter says:


    Yes Sheri, there are finer points to being Geeky (according to my husband…(rolling eyes) Yes….it must be the lower case g geeks that do so much with comics….I just know who they are.

    Sci-Fi is imperative to Geekiness…a true “G”eek knows everything and may actually have in their possession a few Star Trek collectibles…like maybe (again…according to hubby)

    Very funny and cute….You still made it into the Geeky roll call though….Way to Go!!! Lit Geek is Cool!!!

  3. Elaine says:

    Good job.

    I’ve not had comics for many years, sold them for needed cash back in the early college years.

    Comic books as an investment….that I can understand! 😆 ~S

  4. Oh my goodness! I am a Kinda Dorky Nerd Queen! 😆
    Who knew??


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