Homeschool Day Routine

My organized and diligent homeschooling friend at  Duck Soup is asking fellow homeschoolers to post their basic schedules.  Because she is my friend and a real, down-to-earth role model for homeschooling families or wannabe homeschooling families, I will gladly comply. noddingsmiley.gif

Sticking to a timed schedule is not consistent with my personality and I generally consider schedules to be an annoyance and sometimes a hinderance. I much prefer the term “routine”. Our routine has developed over the past 6 years of official homeschooling. It fluctuates from year to year as the boys’ interests and needs change and it has its share of seasonal fluctuations. Our routine is also greatly impacted by DH’s work schedule (i.e. He’s off…we’re off) At times we’ve been known to temporarily drop a subject or activity and emphasize something else for awhile.

Here is our current every homeschool day routine.  

Morning Stuff: coffee for me, feed the people, feed the pets, get daily chores started

Before Lunch: Bible study, Math, start Language Arts stuff (in no particular order)

After Lunch/hopefully before dinner: remaining LA, reading, typing, piano practice, history (MTTh), science (TWTh)

As a general rule, we do 3 subjects and take an activity break of some sort.

Late Afternoon/Evening: activities (piano, church, taekwondo, basketball…)


Today our schedule looked nothing like this. The boys worked on their lessons while waiting for their respective piano lesson. We had an early dinner out, came home and finished up another lesson or two, then went to taekwondo. We finished up our lessons this evening, taking time out for showers and a snack. 

My schedule advice….FWIW
 I’ve noticed many consistencies amongst the variety of homeschool schedules that I’ve read about or discussed with my homeschooling community.  Math and bible in the morning is pretty common, as well as the afternoon activities, but homeschooling schedules or routines are as unique as the homeschooling family themself.  Trying to fit a schedule onto your family is counter productive to homeschooling.  Don’t hesitate to break free from any preconception you have about homeschooling or the influence of a school classroom paradigm.   

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  1. Melanie says:

    Thanks for posting your schedule, Sheri! And thanks for following the directions, though I was fully prepared to make an exception for you! LOL

    Why thank you! 😀 ~S

  2. appliejuice says:

    Hey Sheri, It looks good. 🙂

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