Least Favorite Chore

My dear ChocolateChic, is allergic to dusting…not dust, but dusting. Being her friendly and admittedly nosy selflove_hearthrob.gif, she asks,

“What is one chore that you absolutely hate to do, and will do just about anything to get out of doing?”

No problem answering that question! My least favorite pigfly.gif household chore is cleaning the shower. Never fear! I have found an acceptable work-around to this abhorrable chore. ***Warning, those with strong environmental tendencies, do not read any further.***

Shower Cleaning for Those Who Rebel Against Shower Cleaning

  • Buy the most toxic, corrosive cleaner on the market
  • Open the windows & turn on the fans
  • Pull shirt collar up over nose
  • Squirt the big gun cleaner to my heart’s content
  • Close & bar the shower door & the bathroom door
  • Flee the crime scene
  • Return in 30 minutes….or whenever I remember…and rinse
  • Ta-Da…a nice clean sparkly shower. Easy peasy – right?! I bet you’re thinking, she is sitting here blogging and her shower is filthy! Not so! My shower IS clean: mold, mildew, and water-spot free! Have a thorn-in-your side chore? Minimize it: delegate it, out-source it, find a shortcut, do it first thing in the morning, co-labor with a friend or loved one, but don’t forget about it…it will only grow. And we don’t want things growing in our showers! Now, if I can just figure out how to minimize the laundry monster without getting rid of our clothes….don’t think on that too long.

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    10 Responses to Least Favorite Chore

    1. I found a solution to the shower problem.

      I cleaned it once, then got one of those scrubbing bubbles things that you hang in the shower and press the button. It squirts out shower cleaner and you don’t have to clean it again….but maybe once a month.

      Does this make your shower slippery? The previous occupants used something like this, ShowerFresh or something like that, and the shower floors were very slippery when we moved in. Guess that is why the germies don’t stick! S.

    2. Elaine says:

      I hear you about the shower. And I have used your method many a times. 😉 But recently I found something that I tried Monday on my bath/shower which was looking pretty nasty due to the well water we have : KABOOM!

      It is a plastic (purple mind you) bottle that you squirt onto the surface you need to have cleaned. I left it there for a short while, wetted down a cleaning rag and went to work. It took off virtually all the rust stain that nothing else had been able to remove. Needless to say I’m very happy w/my tub right now. I’ll be using this on the rest of the bathroom as well now.

      I have heard of this KABOOM! S. 😀

    3. Donna says:

      I love your toxic shower cleaning instructions! lol I’ve done that a few times (more than a few in the 19 years we have lived here)

    4. appliejuice says:

      Yep, we have cleaned the shower that way before. It actually needs to be done that way now. I hate any chore.

    5. Chrystal says:

      I agree with Applie. I hate all chores. Doing the dishes has to be my worst one. I just can’t stand them. The silverware is the absolute worst. *Note to self* BUY A DISHWASHER for our next house!

    6. Tresses says:

      Is there an “All of the above” option?

      LOL! Some days more than others, that’s for sure! S.

    7. No, it doesn’t make the floor slippery. It even keeps my clear shower liner……clear.

    8. Elaine says:

      Hmmm, I may have to try that devise that CC is talking about. I’ve only seen it in commercials and haven’t known anyone who uses it. Now that I have a reccomendation I may just have to try it. We have a clear liner as well and it would be nice for it to stay that way.

    9. Jen says:

      Ironing! I despise ironing!

      Hi Jen! Thanks for leaving a comment. I don’t mind ironing, although it isn’t something I do often. DH hasn’t let me iron his uniforms for years….oh well! 😆 S.

    10. Chrystal says:

      LOL! I remember Daddy downstairs ironing his uniforms at 11pm on Sunday night. Why he waited until the last minute I will never know. Why won’t he let you iron? Although you are clearly not complaining about this chore. Does he iron his new uniforms now?

      He didn’t like the way I ironed them, I think. Yes, he still does his own.

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