Manic Monday

A dear friend of mine started a conversation with Manic Monday.  Everyone remembers that song by The Bangles – right? sunny

Well, she couldn’t have said it better.  Today was certainly a Manic Monday.  It was a good thing Hubs was off today, because it took the both of us to pull this day off.

I took off early this morning and headed to the church to help with the setup and decoration for tonight’s ladies fellowship…apples is the theme and the decorations turned out pretty cute, despite the fact that I had something to do with them!  While I was there, I decided to stay and work on my choir music project.  Hubs has the boys doing their homeschool lessons, practicing piano, cleaning up their room…..Right?!

Lunch time already?  How about some BBQ from our favorite local smoke pit?  Tidy up the kitchen, switch some laundry over…..

Next, we load up and head to piano lessons.  Someone please explain to me why piano books are not at the piano, right before lesson time?  At least I have an hour of downtime to sew on the boys’ taekwondo patches.  Lessons went well….now back home.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our neighbor (aka the idiot next door) has decided to burn about an acre of brush after a summer of drought and during a fire burn ban.  Actually, he started the burn about 3 days ago.  I think there are about half a dozen grumpy firemen in front of his house.  They can’t take the big firetruck off the road, so a smaller truck, called a brush truck, makes multiple trips from the pumper to the smoking, stinking field.  Would love to sit and watch the goings-on, but my life is in the fast lane today. 

And why am I suddenly getting phone calls every 5 minutes!  BAH! 

“Yes ma’am, I see the smoke.”

“No ma’am, I didn’t call the fire department.”

“Yes, I know.”  blahblahblahblahblah…….

Finish sewing on the last 2 patches and get Dad and the boys on the road to taekwondo class.

Laundry switch.

Dreaming of some quiet time with my feet up….maybe check out the inside of my eyelids for holes.  HA!  Snap out of it and get thyself into the kitchen.

OK, after scrouging through the pantry, the freezer, and the kitchen drawers, I have come up with the ingredients for chicken enchilada casserole.  Wa-La!  essen Potluck for the ladies fellowship. 

Oh yeah, the UPS truck is here.  Usually a good thing, but this guy is a space cadet and can’t find our 2nd package.  I’m trying very hard not to stand with my hand on my hip and tapping my foot as I stand in the middle of our driveway.

A quick freshening up & some quick (very quick) makeup, change of clothes, and here pulls up a big black truck….the guy that is laying down our hallway flooring?  Whaaaaa!?  Great, I need to be out the door in 15 minutes and I’m starting to think: 

  • Plan A – get rid of the guy
  • Plan B – accept it and be late to the ladies fellowship

Yeah!  Perfect timing!  My hero, yes, the Hubs arrives back home!  Whew!  wub.gif  Hugs & Kisses for everyone (except the very nice man that is laying our hallway flooring).  Grab the casserole and I’m out the door.

The ladies fellowship was wonderful.  My very dear friend, Mrs. B, gave tonite’s devotion.  I want to be like her when I am 70!

Ahhhhh…..home sweet home.  Where did all this clean laundry piled on my bed come from?  And oh, goody gumdrops, I get to tidy up the kitchen, AGAIN. 

Remember what I said at the beginning of this post about the boys doing their lessons, practicing their piano, cleaning their room……. laugh_to_tears.gif

My Manic Monday. 

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6 Responses to Manic Monday

  1. Wish it were a Sunday………Manic Monday!

    Glad that it is over with, and now it is Tuesday.

    Yes, I am hoping for Tranquil Tuesday.

  2. Elaine says:

    That was some Monday that you had. I didn’t go anywhere other than the mailbox but I think that I got several things accomplished.

  3. Donna says:

    What a busy Monday you had! Did you get the patches sewn on? Did the floor get laid? 😉

    Yes and Yes! 😀 It was also a productive and rewarding day! I did get my Tranquil Tuesday today, too.

  4. tressays says:

    I got worn out just reading your post. Whew! What a crazy day. I am glad that you got your stuff done and had some nice fellowship.

  5. donnamichelle says:


    And I thought I had cornered the market on Manic-Mondays.



  6. Sheri says:

    DM! You’re alive!

    You’re still the queen of manic days!

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