Washing Machine Rant

My washing machine is broken….again! finger_1.gif

I called a local repair guy and he can’t come until Wed. I’m not even going to mess with those “1-800 warranty work” places anymore. Last visit was nearly $150 and they did nothing b/c they couldn’t “verify the problem”. It didn’t seem to matter that I told them what the problem was. So I guess that makes me a ninny or a liar and I’ll just spend my $150 right here in town with a man that has spent the last 15 or so years building a good reputation….thank you very much!

For the record, I have a Whirlpool Duet and the door won’t lock. We’ve disassembled the lock mechanism once and it worked trouble-free for several months. Now it won’t lock at all, therefore, the machine won’t run. Pbbbtttt!

Also for the record, the company that does Whirlpool’s warranty work (at least in our area) is A&E Factory Service. As far as I know, they are nationwide. Google them and see all the negative things people have to say about them. I’m not saying all their service is bad, but I won’t be giving them a second chance either.

No laundry until Wednesday. This is going to seriously cramp some of my plans. glare.gif

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5 Responses to Washing Machine Rant

  1. Chrystal says:

    I would love it if my washing maching broke! If it was any other week I am sure you wouldn’t mind not having to do laundry until Wednesday. Given your upcoming plans though, I can see where your troubles lie.

  2. Donna says:

    Door-lock not working really stinks. 😦 Sometimes I wish American big-door front-loaders had been designed with external manual locks.

  3. That stinks!

    I hope that it is fixed right this time.

    I want a Bosch!!!

  4. tressays says:

    UGh! I am sorry. I get so frustrated when things are not working properly. I am in agreement with you, go to the guy that will fix it right.

  5. Elaine says:

    Yep, only allow people who know what they are doing work on your appliances, cars and computers.

    Hope you are able to get the lock fixed so that you can do laundry. What are your plans that you need to do laundry before Wednesday? Can you use MIL’s washer in the mean time?

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