Parade of Home 2

This is our bedroom, so you’re getting a real peek into my secret world. Scary, I know, so brace yourself. 😆

Our bedroom as you would see it from walking thru the doorway. The bed usually gets a “Wow” or two. It is a hand-me-down and we’ve packed & moved this monster for the past 15 years. It is amazing that we haven’t lost any pieces through the years. Some day it will have a pretty white eyelet thingy around the top. I love this quilt! It is 1940s inspired.
You will also notice that not one single piece of furniture matches any other piece of furniture. The dresser on the left (you can barely see the corner) is my bachelor furniture. It is a modern piece made of ash and weighs a ton. I truly appreciate this simple piece of furniture…no nooks & crannies to dust! The nightstand on the left of the picture is a hand-me-down piece of someone’s living room suite. The cedar chest was a great find and hubby has refinished it….it was very dark brown and gunky. The dresser on the right is an antique marble top from DH’s aunt, as well as the burgundy chair. I have no idea where the chest of drawers came from; it was in this house when we moved in. This side of the room belongs to Mr. PackRat….please ignore the pile of stuff in the corner.

Panning around to the right for the other end of the bedroom.

Ta-Da, the treadmill and the loveseat from our old living room suite. I think you can see in this picture the walls are a marvelous shade of lilac. I am having a difficult time finding a bedspread, of some sort, that I like and that matches. Lilac is just not the ‘in’ color.

Looking back where we came in.

I stole that bookshelf from the boys. When they are in separate rooms, I suppose I will give it back. You can see the door to our bathroom. You’d think with a nice bedroom this size, the bathroom would be of nice size, too. Not so. And Tanya, if you think your kitchen wallpaper is hideous….you’ll really love my bathroom wallpaper!

All 4 now. Kbai!

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12 Responses to Parade of Home 2

  1. Elaine says:

    Such a big room! I love it and that you have history in your furniture.

    I’m enjoying the tour. 😀

  2. TrustingGOD says:

    Sheri, I am amazed you actually could fit that bed into all the rooms you had. I have seen poster beds being sawed off out front to fit. One friend had hers custom altered to fit up her stairwell in Alaska. It is one reason, I never bought a poster bed.
    It is quite beautiful!

  3. heathertopia says:

    Your bedroom is beautiful and yes I did say WOW when I saw your bed…lol; its soo pretty 🙂 .

  4. You must share your bathroom wall paper. I shared my Kitchen wall paper.

  5. I also must say that I am super envious of all the space that you have in your room.

  6. jodysgirl94 says:

    Very pretty home! 🙂

    I love the furniture!

  7. gingerporter says: got Wow’s from both Hubby and I. He wanted to know where the curtains for the bed were….and scoffed at the eyelet. Men..! LOL

    Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous…the whole room….Thank You for the tour…:)

  8. Donna says:

    Your bed is beautiful! Your room is such a great size too! And you even have room for a love seat. Fabulous! 🙂

  9. Sheri says:

    That love seat is a regular laundry magnet! 😆

  10. Melanie says:

    Your bedroom is so pretty!

    I once had a bedroom large enough for a loveseat, and it was a laundry magnet as well. 😆

  11. songbirdy says:

    Gorgeous! I once had an friend who was an Interior Designer. She said that you could really tell someone’s skill at design if they didn’t use matching furniture and it looked wow!

    Your room looks Wow!

  12. Chrystal says:

    I like the quilt with the wall color. I think it goes quite well actually. I really love that picture on the wall by the “stolen” bookshelf.

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