German bratwurst that is. Geschmackvoll! It is, what is for dinner.

Boar’s Head Bratwurst…yes, the whitish looking ones, are a suitable substitute without paying butcher shop prices. They are often found in the specialty case near the deli of your local grocery store. There is another brand that I prefer, but since I haven’t found it in a couple years, I have forgotten the name. Without a doubt, I will recognize the package on sight though. 😉

My prefered method of cooking a bratwurst:

    Boar’s Head Brats are precooked, so it is only a matter of warming it up.
    Get your grill, and let the coals burn down. Meanwhile prepare your fixin’s.
    When it is not burning hot, it is ready.
    Place your brats on the grill, watching and turning them so as not to burn.
    Grill about 15 minutes.

You need dead white bread. Brotchen is a round German roll that is not quite a kaiser roll and not quite a french hard roll. It is something in between and a little on the chewy side, but not chewy like a bagel. Anything but a hot dog bun will do because it must be roundish.
Slice your roll; not quite thru.
Give it a good coat of German mustard. Cheap yellow mustard will do, in a pinch. Dijon is too strong. Ketchup is a no-no.
Stick your brat in the roll…do not cut or slice it to make it fit. It must stick out the ends of the roll.
Top with sauerkraut if you like.

There you have it….as near as I can get to the brats we ate in Germany (on a regular basis, I might add)
essen Kommen essen!

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3 Responses to Bratwurst

  1. Ich bin bereit zu essen. Yummy! You brought back some great memories! Next trip to the comm. I am looking for Brats!

  2. Melanie says:

    We eat brats at least twice a month, and we cook them just how you described. I am the only one who eats them with kraut though! For years the kids ruined theirs with ketchup (a sad sight to see) but they have finally seen the light and will now consent to French’s mustard.

  3. Chrystal says:

    Gosh mom, people are going to think all we did in Germany was eat the food. Ok, so we did! But every now and then we did do other things. Like SHOP! For pottery and kinck-knacks that is. Hmmm. I love reading your entries about German food. And, I was trained right by the way. Mine goes on a bun w/ mustard and kraut. I am the only one who knows how to eat them right. I am working on the boys though. =)

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