Bird Journal

I’ve taken up a bit of birdwatching and thought about keeping a journal with some very basic observations. I figured this would be the best place to do that, since I tend to lose my paper journals or, more likely, lose interest.

We placed a bird feeder outside our breakfast room bay window a couple weeks ago. I surprised myself when I realized how much I enjoyed watching the little critters and even more surprised at how often throughout the day, I was peeking at the feeder.

Our feeder is quite popular with the resident Cowbirds, much to my dismay. I’ve trained my boys to recognize them and shoo them away. They should be named pigbirds because they drain my hopper-style feeder empty in just a few days. This feeder holds 5 lbs of seed, so I think that is too much and I don’t like to be filling it up every 3 days. The chickens, however, like the pigbirds because they are messy and throw lots of seed on the ground. Under-the-bird-feeder has become a favorite hen hangout.

Our resident birdfeeder birds include:

    Mr. Cardinal and his newly found friend
    a pair of Carolina Chickadees
    a House Finch (although today I think I saw him with a friend)
    the White Throated Sparrows that live in the shrubbery
    a lone Tufted Titmouse
    a new guy that I haven’t ID’d yet
    and the ever-present flock of Brown-headed Cowbirds

My favorite birdfeeder observation so far: watching Mr. Cardinal feed his new found lady-bird. He was very skiddish at first, but now lingers long enough to let me admire his beautiful red self.

I added a 2nd birdfeeder yesterday: a tubular feeder and I filled it with sunflower seeds. I haven’t seen anyone there yet, but I hope they catch on to it soon.

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3 Responses to Bird Journal

  1. Elaine says:

    That is really cool Shari and I want to do something similar. I need to get feeders first to put the seed in. Our last one, a milk jug feeder, was blown away by a winter wind storm and we’ve not found it again. 😦

  2. quiltinmommy says:

    I am really enjoying all the birds we see on the lake. (My house is right on a small pond). I would love to feed the birds…. but I really want cats and feel guilty attracting the bird to my yard and setting them up for ambush.

    Maybe you should take up nature journaling….. I love it!

  3. Donna says:

    Oh cool Sheri! I will enjoy reading about your feathered visitors. I’m still feeding birds here. I’ve put up a suet feeder (it looks like a sunflower) and a lone downy woodpecker has been using it. There are over a dozen goldfinches that feed here now. I guess the word got out about the free food. 🙂 They are aggressive little birds, even the females, unless leaning toward the finch next to you with your beak open is friendly. 🙂 They are all about the food, just give me the food.

    We had a pair of cowbirds one day, but they haven’t been back. Black birds like to visit and eat off the ground. The other birds seem afraid of them.

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