Swiss Steak

This is one of those meals that never excited me enough to make. I made it up for the first time tonite and wouldn’t you know, it was great and everyone liked it. The big pluses – easy to prep, easy to cook, easy to clean-up. Oh, and I forgot to mention cheap.

4-6 cubed steaks
enough flour for breading
oil or butter
large can of whole tomatoes
red pepper
green pepper
garlic powder

Chop the peppers & onions into large bitesize chunks.
Heat oil or butter in large skillet on med-low heat.
Saute peppers & onion slightly. Then begin breading steaks in flour, sprinkle with salt, pepper, and garlic powder to taste & fry in skillet 2-3 minutes on each side; push the peppers & onions to the side of skillet.
Pour whole tomatoes (including all the liquid) into the skillet & redistribute peppers & onions over the meat. Continue to cook until tomatoes are heated through and the liquid begins to thicken just a bit.
Serve with any variety of rice or noodles.

I consider this a workhorse recipe. It does what it is supposed to do with minimal fuss or flash. Nothing fancy, just plain & hearty. I need more workhorse recipes. Do you have any of these types of recipes?

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4 Responses to Swiss Steak

  1. I have tons of those recipes. Wondering though…..did it taste to tomatoey?

  2. Sheri says:

    No, it wasn’t, which rather surprised me and the reason I’ve never bothered to make this dish. I’m not one for a lot of peppers, especially the green ones, and it wasn’t overwhelming with pepper flavor either.
    I made this with 6 cube steaks, so hubby would have leftovers for his lunch. 🙂

  3. Cool……..when I swiss my steak, I just flour it, brown it, then cover with water….and put more water in as it cooks out….makes more like a gravy.

  4. That sounds yummy, Sheri. It has been a while since I have bought cube steaks. I like them with mushrooms & onions and a creamy gravy. Served with mashed taters…

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