Life is Ducky


I deep cleaned my breakfast room last week and took a couple photos while it still looked respectable. It is a small room, as breakfast rooms should be cozy, and the furniture is more for a dining room, but I love the cheerfulness of my breakfast room. The wood is well-aged and the walls are bright. I have one of my favorite paintings in this room, Les Rhododendrons by H.Claude Pissarro. (sorry you can’t see it in my photo, so i linked it for you) My windows are clean and curtain-free. 🙂 Here is the recent photo, but something is just missing.


Aaahhh, now that looks just as it should. Yes, my room needed a Duckie Dishcloth. One of the best things about Duckie Dishcloths that I didn’t know is that they come with chocolate; a very fine and fitting chocolate, if I say so myself.

The Duckie Dishcloth has a higher calling, but for now, it is sitting pretty in my breakfast room. Thank you, Melanie!! Now off to enjoy a piece of chocolate.gif

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12 Responses to Life is Ducky

  1. heathertopia says:

    Very pretty 🙂

  2. appliejuice says:

    LOL It is lovely!

    I haven’t taken a picture of mine yet.

    I didn’t think to save the chocolates for a photo. 😦 The kids and I devoured them the moment they were visible. I now wish, I hadn’t shared. 😀

  3. Melanie says:

    Ooooh, beautiful room, Sheri! Your new dishcloth looks lovely in it. 😆 You are so welcome!

  4. Donna says:

    Sheri how pretty is your breakfast room! (very pretty ((my comment sounded like a question, so I answered it)) I like everything about it. 😀

    Melanie’s dishcloth is a nice touch. 🙂

    Chocolates!!! That was sweet of Melanie!

    Applie, you need to open your mail in private from now on in case someone sends you chocolates. (devoured on sight – lol! – that makes a funny image in my head)

  5. Elaine says:

    It all looks lovely. Very fresh.

  6. Stunning room. The dishcloth really sets it off!

  7. Oh, Sheri, your Breakfast room is lovely. That is a nice looking Duckie dishcloth!

  8. tressays says:

    Your room looks so cheery. And your lovely dishcloth just looks like it belongs.

  9. Chrystal says:

    This is the first time I have seen that wall color. You told me about it but I had never seen the pictures. Excellent choice I think. Maybe we can have chocolate for breakfast together in this room. Sound like a plan?

  10. gingerporter says:

    Sheri, that is such a lovely room….my kitchen is done in the same colors…lol.

    How funny…..

  11. moandma says:

    It looks great Sheri! I can see Melanie is doing some serious motivating in the kitchen department! 😆 Your dining room is so pretty. I love the table!

  12. sleepymamma says:

    I love, love love the room…. very nice!!I really like the colorful placemats you have!!

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