Missions Conference – Day 2

Sunday – 2 meals: a noon meal after AM service and an evening meal after PM service

First let me say, “My dawgs er barkin'”!

The Noon Meal

    Salad with the trimmings
    Fresh Fruit
    Garlic Bread

This is my Lasagna for 50 recipe This lasagna was a hit. 🙂

I think we got home about 2pm and went back up to the church around 4:30 for choir practices and to start the prep for the evening meal.

The best is yet to come, if you’re still reading!

The Jr Church Choir sang their missions songs tonite and they were so awesome, I can’t think of a better word. They had their timing down and the dynamics were right on cue. I have to say I am very proud of them. Most of the children had their verses memorized (MT 9:36-38) and they stayed together while they spoke. It was just great and so encouraging to our church family. God truly blessed us tonite!!!

Of course then we have to eat again.

The Evening Meal

    Soups: vegetable, white bean chili, and taco soup.

They were all so good I don’t think I could have picked a favorite.

I managed to skip dessert until my evil friend, Betty, coerced me into sharing a piece of Heath Bar cake she hid in the kitchen. Dessert is more fun & less fattening when shared with your friend-right?!

Well, that was the doin’s of Day 2. Unfortunately, I did not get to stay for today’s or tonight’s message. The rest of the week is less hectic and I hope to sit in on some preachin’! Amen!

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