Snapshot 2/22/07

37* and a bit grey out there joe.gif

Our wake-up phone call: Is everything OK over there?
Yes Dad, everything is fine.
Well, I can’t see the chickens. Do you want me to let them out? mellow1.gif
No Dad, the chickens are fine and we’re fine.
Are you sure….blahblahblah?

Breakfast: Mom! He put my spoon in his mouth!
I didn’t know you were going to use that.
Yes, you did.
No, I didn’t. repeat ad nauseam

10:30 sunny1.gif Ahhhh!
Lessons are moving along.

1:00 Lunch of leftover lasagna was good, laundry is going, some rooms are straightened. DS is still working math. Young son is done w/lessons & playing outside.

2:00 DS is finished and playing outside with his brother. I see bicycles, baseball gloves, scooters, balls of all sorts, a shovel and a pile of dirt. woot.gif

3:30 Time to get dinner going: grilled BBQ baby back ribs, cole slaw (done), macaroni & cheese, green bean casserole (assembled), french fries, cottage cheese & peaches, straweberry shortcake.

6:00 In-laws arrive for dinner and we enjoyed our meal & time together. The boys sang Footsteps of Jesus after dinner and we chatted a bit more.

8:00 Kitchen is closed. The men are playing chess and I’m here to finish this entry. 🙂

There….you have a Friday at the Wolf Den.

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2 Responses to Snapshot 2/22/07

  1. I would love to have eaten at the Wolf Den…..sounds delish!

  2. Sheri says:

    I wish you could have been here….dinner was great and we were all stuffed….like Thanksgiving stuffed!

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